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Dear Friends


This is Shireesha Reddy.


Venue:St.Francis Degree College.


The pattern was changed from puzzles to Logical Reasoning and the second part was as usual Verbal section.


The pattern was like this:

1)logical reasoning- 30 Questions (45 min).

2)Verbal section- 40 Questions  (30 min).


·          Logical Reasoning:


1)      1-5 questions :A paragraph was given and questions related to the para were asked. The Para was easy….P,Q,R,S,T,U,V  participated in 100m & 200m race…P is above and below U…and some more conditions……..sorry I don’t remember.

2)      6-10 questions: Find the odd one out from a sequence of 5 choices.

3)      10-15 questions: Data sufficiency questions.

4)      15-20 questions: Data interpretation, a line graph was given and questions related to that were asked.

5)       20-25 questions: Another reasoning paragraph ………..A,B,C,D,E,F  ordered vanilla,burger,pastry,strawberry…….they wear different color T-Shirts…..green,white,black,yellow…….and some more conditions based on their T-shirt color ..this was lengthy Para….sorry I don’t remember…..

6)      25-30 questions : 6 statements were given and following that will b five choices of 3 sequences ,we need to pick up the right choice (logical order).


·        Verbal Section:


1)      1-5 & 6-10 questions –two reading comprehension passages.(the passage was one and half page long).

2)      11-20 questions-Find the right option from the choices given below.

3)      21-30 questions-Underlined word has to be replaced by an appropriate line in the sentence well.

4)      31-40 questions-Inferences from the passages(para is about 3 to 4 lines).


Refer verbal and non verbal reasoning by R.S.Agarwal