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Hai guys,,,,,,
I have given infy test on 5 nov at pune .there was no change in pattern as all was saying........
1) there are two trains movin in opp direction,1 train is twice as long as another train, how many times is da other train faster.
ans: 8 times
I had gone thru old papers answer was 4 times but since the length of da train in twice i multiplied with 2 ok..
2) this one was a very easy simulataneous eqn question..there were some statements of this sort
a) painterplumber=3100
b) plumber carpenter=5300
and a few more of this sort it is very easy i got it right...simple math calculations.
3) this is a repeat question...the trees and birds wala question it is there in da previous papers..find da number of trees..the answer is 45
4) this was an 8 mark question this was lik five town names were given and we hv to find out which one was industrial town and capital and 4 questions were given i dint work out this probel wa pretyy big..so i jus tried eliminating da choices and guessed da answers.
5) this was a question with 4 people and four jobs we hv to find out whose job is wat...put iti n columns and rows and solve pretty simple i got it righ. another 8 mark question.
6) this has two couples sittin across a square table they all play 1 instrument we hv to find out who play da violin..this is a combination problem we hv to try some combinationa nd solve it...
7) ann wears blue only if eve wears red,carol and ann never wear blue togehter, carol and eve wear red but not at da same time wat color is ann wearin??
ann=red and carol and eve=blue..i remember this cause they asked me this puzzle in da interview!!
sorry da dats all i remember but i solved 9 out of 10...one i left it blank
and english part i really enjoyed.it was not so easy but pretty interestin.and take care .