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Hi friends,


The question paper consisted of 2 sections:

1st part of the paper was of 45 min duration.
 It consisted of quantitative aptitude,
1. two logical reasoning, 
2. one data interpretation, 
3. five data sufficiency, 
4. four completing the sequence by filling the blank space with the correct diagram.

        In short, it was a mini CAT exam.

Friends, do prepare the short cut methods for solving maths. It helps to save time. Don’t panic. Stay cool. There is no negative marking. So even if you finish 70% of the paper, confidently, in 40 min. guess the most appropriate answers of the remaining 30% and finish the paper. Don’t leave any question unanswered.


The second part was of 30 min. English section.
 1. Two long passages,
 2. replacing the correct phase, 
 3. looking for the grammatically correct sentence among the four, 
 4. few critical reasoning questions etc.
             let me tell; this section also needs good amount of preparation. Again it was of CAT pattern. Time seemed to be a bit short.

Results were declared after 4 hrs. I cleared this round.

The next day, I had the interview. Two rounds of HR.

First round: the panel consisted of two gentlemen. He asked me the time. And asked

1. “What’s the good about the morning?”

2. Is it cold today?

3. What is my view about friends & friendship?

4. What is my view about leader & leadership?

5. If you were given an option to be either Swami Vivekananda or Bill Gates, whom would be and why?

6. A situation was given. I am passing by a pond. I found two people drowning; one was an 80 yr old person. Another was a 10 yr old child. I can save only one of them. Whom will I save & why?

7. There’s a mirror in front of me & a wall clock behind me. Its 3:15 in the clock. What’s the actual time now? Seeing the clock in the mirror in front of me.

8. I enter a room. There is only a bulb hanging from the roof, just touching my head. Can I predict the height of the room?

9. George Bernard Shaw once said, “Leaders can’t see whether the men behind him are following him or chasing him.” What is my view?

10.What is the difference between college friends & office friends?

11.Who was the principal of ScottishChurchCollege, when I used to study there?

12.How many marks will I give to my English in between 1 to 10?


He lastly said, “it was nice meeting with you, Mr. Pinak. Have a nice day”


The second round of interview started shortly. Only a single person was there. He quickly asked me all the questions, as if he was in a hurry.

  1. what is the unique in Jalpaiguri, my home town?
  2. why IT sector, being a student of Instrumentation?
  3. why infosys?
  4. why shall they hire me?

He said,"thank you, Mr.Pinak. The result will be known to you within 3 to 4 weeks, by mail"

that's all folks.
I am hoping for the best. Hope my experience will help you a lot.

Pinak Pani Dey