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Infosys  Off Campus at Lucknow on October,8  2006
  1. What are the ways that 6&1 n 2&4 and 3&5 can be put on exactly opposite faces?

Remember its ans is 48(2!*2!*2!*3!) not 24 so plz don’t confuse.

2) X Y Z                                X Y Z

+ A B            AND                 - A B

---------------                     ---------------

  C D E F                                B G A
  Find X,Y,Z,G.

           9 4 5                                9 4 5
           + 7 8            AND           - 7 8
  ---------------                     ---------------
         1 0 2 3                                 8 6 7

X=9, Y=4, Z=5, G=6.

3.I don’t remember the exact problem but it is dam easy n we have to just find lcm of 3,5,7,9 add 1 in it at find that no which is divisible by 11. ans  746.

5. its problem abt age u need not worry for that it was dam easy. I forgot. But only two simple equations was there n we just have to solve them. Ans 18 years.

6. a person buy sum potatoes , its weight is 100 kg. N there is 99% water in that. He put that for 1 day in sun . n after that day it have 98% water. Now what is the weight of potatoes now?

 Ans now word is very imp in this prob let assume weight of remaining water is x kg. And if initially water is 99% than weight of only potatoes is 1kg,

So 98(x+1)/100=x

X=49. total weight x+1=50.kg ans.


Myself : may I come in


Man :tell us abt sumthing which is not in that paper.

As soon as I started he cut me short  n ask do you read?

I: No sir, I hav completed b.tech. (notice frnds this was my first silly mistake.)

Man: no no saumya I m asking abt anything?

Yes sir newspaper, magazines.

Which types? I tell name.

Why only that particular?

I said in that I find philosophy of life.

Ok saumya, r u fond abt reading philosophy of life.

What is your philosophy of life?

I told about.

Again he cut me short. And asking me about the editorial and editor.

It was my second blunder .I had so say sorry sir.

After that much time lady comes into active decision. She asked. A puzzle to me. I could not do that. Even I started with a wrong logic.

Then they entered into photography.  It was my hobby and I had prepared a lot but still iwas not able to answer them.

Then again a puzzle. Thank god. I made that. Then sum discussions about my trade.

It was ok kinds. They asked about the cultural fest that I had organized. I told.

Then my turn they ask about question?

I think I did only this section well.

 Then they say ok. Thank you saumya.