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Hi friends!

This is B.gnanaprakash.Iam not selected, but decided to alert about infosys. Our test paper consists of 30reasonig q’s (45mins duration) and 40 verbal q’s (30mins duration).Reasoning was very easy and verbal is little bit tough. 11selected out of 475 candidates.


Reasoning test:30 Q’s in 45 mins

             All similar questions from Agarval’s reasoning book. Can’t remember the exact questions. So giving u only types.All questions are very easy


Ques(1-4):.5books are arranged one by one.There page numbers are 205,512,316,…and some clues r given.V have to answer 4 questions based on that paragraph.

Ques (5): Data suffiency question.

               Find the value of  X?

               a) X3+1                                         b) X4+1=0

Answer for this question is a, because v wil get imaginary values for second choice.

Ques(6-10): Find the ODD figure out questions




Answer is C, because it is moving in anti clock wise direction.all r moving clockwise directions in above figure 

Like this another four easy questions came

Ques (11-15): A similar problem from agarval reasoning.Just change Elder/younger are given instead of lighter/heavier in below question.


1.      A, B,C,D,E and F r 6members in a family in which there two married couples.

2.      D is brother of F.Both D and F r lighter than B.

3.      C is a lady,is neither heaviest nor the lightest in the family.

4.      E is lighter than C.

5.      The grand father in the family is heaviest.

11) How is E related to F?

        a)Grand mother     b)Brother       c)Father      d)Data inadequate   e)none of these

Answer is C

12)Which of the following is a pair of married couples?

        a)AB      b)BC      c)AD      d)BE      e)None of these

Answer is D

13)How many males are there in the family?

        a)2     b)3     c)4     d)data inadequate    e)None of these

Answer is  D

14)Who is the second place , if all the family members weigths are arranged in descending order?

        a)A    b)C     c)D       d)Data inadequate     e)None of these

Answer is B

15)how is C related to D?

        a)Grand mother    b)Cousin      c)Sister     d)Mother      e)None of these

Answer is A


 One data interpretation question

Ques(21-22):Sum of all salaries of A,B and C are  6000. A is 1230 more than B and 1000 more than C.       two questions based on this

   The  rest r based on blood relations and questions similar to puzzle test topic in Agarval reasoning book.




VERBAL TEST: 40 questions in 30mins. Little bit tough.

Ques(1-10): Two big passages are given. Fives marks for each passages.

Ques(11-16):Correction of phrases in sentences

 3 or 4 lines will be given.In that a phrase wil b underlined.V answer the correct from the given choices.

Ques(16-17):Two articles are given.

Ques(18-23): Fill in the blanks

Ques(24-29): 3 or  4 lines paras r given and corresponding conclusion for that para should b selected from the given options.

Ques(30-35):A sentence  r given by using different prepositions.V have to select the right one.

 Rest 5 r different types.

It takes lot of time.B thorough in English. Every given choices differ with minute mistakes.Difficult to select choices.


Concentrate more on English will succeed. ALL THE BEST.