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Hi frenz,
      this is swetha. i wrote my INFY exam on 19 th nov.I would like to sheare my paper with u.
i will try to help u with the questions.sorry,i cant give u the whole testpaper since it is difficult to remember each question,.
here is the paper...

1-5 questioms
 1)there is a wooden rectangular box of length ,breadth,height of 7cm,6,5 cms
 when it is divided into three parts and painted with red,violet and green color
of l,b,h of 1cm*1*1cm
  1) how many are o faced?
  A)70   b)62   c) 76 d) none of these

  2) how many are 1 faced?

  3) how many are 2 faced?

  4) how many are 3 faced

the question follows in that way
 figures pblm

try to solve as many as possible from verbal and non verbal reasoning (R.S.Agarwal)

here,u need tto find the continution fig from the given options .keep track of the time especially.

data sufficiency
a)if 1&2 are required to answer
b)if either is insufficient
c)any of the statement is sufficient
d) either is required
(sorry folks i dont remember the exact order,,...thatz really important)
 11)is X>y?
 a)whenx=(p-1)(p^2-p+1)  and y=(p-1)(p^2+p+1)
 b)IF X>=7
and rest of the questions follows in that way.

data interpretation
 time is not at all sufficient for this section to solve the listed questions
so better solve them at the last
 here two graphs are given
  one is sales   and the other one is cost
 of a company for 3 productsA,B,C

 i cant draw u,but ll explain u
 1)whats the profit of the company in 93-94 from product B?
   a)77%  b)32%  c)44%   d) none of these
 ( i dont remember the exact values ,but wanna tell u ,how the way is)

 21-25 puzzle test solving
there are 6 persons named prasd,etc etc .
1) they are staying in 6flats in a 3 storeyed building
 2) one person who is teacher doesnt own a fridge
 3)the person who is having three children owns a voltas fridge
4)people who stay in top floor need to have 4 or more children
  and conditions goes like these.......
 21) who is the teacher?
   a) prasad b).........
  22) who is having kelvinator fridge?

 this secttion consists of logical reduction
  (also called  Syllogism) u can get these questions from verbal and non verbal reas\oning by R.S.Agarwal. refer to that)
 and in english

 2 comprehension passages'
 grammar corrections
  so on

frenz,one thing keep in mind ... time is insufficient to  solve the paper in the stipulated time even though u have a thorough prepation
 sorry, ididnt selcted for infy's written paper
among 1000+ members,only 96 were selected.
 i dont know the exact cut off
 by 3'o'clock they have displayed the results.

this site helped me a lot.

Bye ,