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Hii Frndz.....
I've taken my infy exam on17thDec,2006.

Guys  by  now  all  might've known dat the pattern has changed frm puzzles to CAT type one,, when u get mail in dat it will be mentioned dat the duration of test is for 75min..... so frm dat its clear dat the pattern changed...I clearly knew dat i'll be getting the new pattern......so guys stop mugging all the puzzles and start concentrating on the new patten which mainly tests ur speed n accurcy.........

Duration of TEST is :
1/2 hr for filling the application,

LOGICAL - 45min 30Que ( 6 main que each hving 5 sub que)
English - 30min 40Que (  2  long  RC's - 10 Que,,Sentence completion,,Finding correct sentence of two..)


I. Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:

1. P,Q,R,S,T,U,V & W are 8 doctors are visiting a charitable hospital 1hr each day (from 9am-1pm  & from 2pm-6pm , 1pm-2pm is a lunch

break )except holiday i.e. Monday.

2. Saturday they will visit only half an hour.

3. No one will visit the hospital before Q and after U

4. W will visit immediately after the lunch and is followed by R

5. Position of S will be same as  P in  after noon session.

1) At what time R will visit the hospital?
a) 2pm   b) 3pm c) 4pm d) 5pm

2)If they will start their earlier by 15mins , then what will be the time of P visiting to the hospital?
a) 4.00pm   b) 4.15pm c) 4.45pm d) 5pm

3),4),& 5) sorry I don’t remember.

II. Choosing the missing figure in a series:(5 problems)

   Ex:    1) Problem figures

* #  0 $       0 *  $ #        


# $  * 0       

                      Answer figures

* #  0&       0 *  $ #       $0

# *  

# $   0&       # $  * 0       

                                      1.      2.     3.      4.      5.

III. Data Sufficiency (5 problems): You have to decide if the information given in the statements is sufficient for answering the problem. Indicate your answer as:
a) I alone is sufficient to answer the question.
b) II alone  is sufficient to answer the question.
c) either I or II are sufficient to answer the question.
d) both are not sufficient to answer the question.
e) both are needed to answer the question

1)Is P height is less than 170cms?
a. if we add 5  P’s height become more than 170cms.
b.If we add 2 P’s height become less than 170cms.

2)who is shortest among P,Q,R & S?
P is taller than Q.
R & Q are shorter than S.
3),4),& 5) sorry I don’t remember

IV. Data interpretation: In some water plant , to generate energy the water is replenished and drained , the time when replenished and drained is tabulated as follows.According to this ans the following ques..

DayWater is replenished at 1am-10 am(in cms)Water is drained at 5pm-10pm(%)Water level at 11pm



1)what is the value of g?
a)12.1  b)12.4   c)12.9   d)13.4

2) what is the value of c?
a)362  b)350   c)355   d)352

3)what is the value of d?
a)10 b)12  c)6   d)9

4)what is the value of b?
a)8  b)9   c)10   d)4

5)what is the value of f?
a)            b)         c)        d)

V. Again  logical puzzle type:

A,B,C,D & E are 5 friends.
1.C is taller than D but younger than A
2.A is elder than E & D but shorter than B
3, 4, 5 sorry idont remember

1)Who is the Eldest?
a)  C          b)   A     c)      B  d) E

2) who is the shorter?
a)            b)         c)        d)

3)if its ascending order by their ages who is the middle?
a)            b)         c)        d)

4)According to their height how many persons r their in b/w B & E?
a)            b)         c)        d)

5)who is younger than E ?
a)            b)         c)        d)

VI. In the following choose the answer, which would be the statement with conclusion. Like this 5 problems..


A. Herbal cosmetics are in great demand.
B. Revlon & Well are in great demand.
C. Revlon in great demand.
D. Well in great demand.
E. Revlon & Well are herbal cosmetics.
1) ABC   2) AED  3) AEC   4) BAE  5) None of these.

2),3),4),& 5) sorry I don’t remember.


Simple section but u should b very quick also they give more importance to ur English than ur logical section....30min 40que...
2 very lengthy RC's about one n half page each,,,,,finally each passage having 5direct que.....very time taking ....so practise to read newspaper fastly......que on finding correct sentence,,,sentence completion etc very easy....tenses n preposition type....I did first passages  so I didn’t get much time to solve all the questions ,so guys plz  first u solve grammatical question then go to passages.

All the best to ALL,