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Hi Friends, myself Vinothkumar completed my B.E. Mechanical in 2006. I have attended the INFOSYS Written test held on November 2006 and two rounds of HR interview on the next day in St. Michaels Academy, CHENNAI. Approximately 1000 candidates attended but due to tough paper only 48 cleared in written test. Even then there are some filtrations in the first round of HR Interview. Finally I got selected.

The Pattern of written test has been changed.
Test 1 :30 objective Questions in 45 mins.
( Analytical Reasoning(10Q),logical reasoning(5Q),Questions from chart(5Q),sorry other 10 Questions I don’t know, but no aptitude or problem solving questions are asked )
Test 2 :40 objective Questions in 30 mins. (English)
                                                          TEST 1

All are objective type Questions

1) There are five persons A,B,C,D,E. Their specializations are G,H,I,J,K.(but not in order). Each person have a friend. They are P,Q,R,S,T, (not in order) all are doctors having specializations U,V,W,X,Y.(not in order).
    Conditions : They will give 5-6 conditions.
    For example : The person having specialization ‘U’ is not a friend  to the person having specialization ‘I’.
    From these conditions 5 questions are asked.

2) There is a small town. People in the town belongs to Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and  Jain. Similar to the first question some conditions are given.
    For example : Hindu + Muslim = Christian + Sikhs +jain
    From these conditions 5 questions are asked.
Above two questions are bit tough

3) Logical Reasoning (5 questions; easy)
    They will give five pictures and the sixth picture which you should identify is the answer.
 4) 5 questions from the Barchart. For example.                          

(1)In which year there was max. % increase in exports over the previous year?
  a) 1990        b) 1991       c) 1992       d) 1994        e)1995

(2) In which pairs of years was the average export of pearls around 9 crores?
  a) 1989-90     b) 1990-91      c) 1991-92      d) 1992-93       e)1993-94

(3) In how many years was the export about the average for the given period
  a) 2                b) 3                 c) 4                  d) 5                  e)1

For Test 2 and interviews are same pattern.

 Interview 1:
1. For Mechanical Or Electrical students in the first round of interview the frequently asked question is “Why do you switchover from mechanical or Electrical to software”.
2. For other branch students, their questions will be from your resume
ie Projects, Papers, etc.,
3. You should communicate freely.
4. They will see the way of your response.
5. As your casualty ( face reaction) increases, your percentage of getting appointment order also increases.
Approximately 8-10 students from 48 are rejected in this round.

If you cleared the first round, 99% you will be selected.

Interview 2:

1. Say something about Chennai.
2. What are all your strengths and an example.
3. What are all your weakness and an example.
 Since I am a sports man, he asked “ I don’t know anything about badminton.Just clearly explain me within 40 secs”.