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Hi Friends,


This is Asha.shaik (MBA-HR) from Hyderabad. I wanna share my experience with you , regarding the aptitude test  conducted in Infosys on
17th Feb’07. I felt it might be helpful to you. I applied for HR Executive. 


Before giving all the details I wanna say something to all of u,

  1. Don’t get tension while u r going for test. Make u’r self cool.
  2. Thorough preparation  on series, coding & decoding, etc, English grammer.
  3. Time Management.
  4. Please be there before often hour –for the test

The test is  not in objective type, its totally fill in the blanks type questions . The main problem is  no guessings.

Its totally 35 questions – I can say its very easy to get through the test if u had minimum knowledge on all the topics,b’coz they covered all the topics .they have changed the pattern.


1-10 : SERIES                                              Each  2M

            Eg: 3, 4,7,8,11,__

11-13  CODING & DECODING                Each  2M

            Eg: If BOY is 37 then FLASH is __

14-18 English                                                Each 2M

            Eg: Polite : Rude: Vice : ____

                   Mutton : Butcher : Bread :___

19-25 : Some mathematical questions (the figures are not accurate ones) I am just trying to give an idea abt the questions.        Each 5M

1.      If  ‘x’ men complete the work in 10 days , and 6 were not present and they complete the work in 18 days. Totally how many r there? Some thing like this.?

2.      Whats the sum of first 30 no’s? (Exact question)

3.      The question is Like ---- 53 Tuesdays in anon-leap year. (On probability)

4.      8 men  -----  5 dig holes --- 10 days

?          ------ 7 dig holes --- 8 days  . Find out the men count. (Figures are not accurate. Plz don’t try for the answers.)

5.      Fathers age is 4times of his son. ------------------------------ what was their ages.?

6.      X ltr is there, 1/3 is evaporates, ¾ is --------. Exactly how many ltr are there.

26-31 : Arranging the sentences in aproper way.      Each 2M

1.      Is to err to divine human forgive. (Sorry I didn’t remember all the questions.)

If you r good at English you can easily score in this section.

32-33   Coding & Decoding:

34-35   Mathematical questions.


That’s the end of question paper.

ALL THE BEST to the persons who r trying .
If it’s useful well n good. Prepare well . Good Luck.