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Infosys Candidate-Experiences

Hi everyone, my name is Ranjan and I have completed my B-Tech from GLBITM, Gr Noida (2014 batch). I am here to share my interview experience with Infosys (off campus).


There were two rounds:


1) Online test (aptitude, reasoning & english).

2) Technical + HR (technical mostly for CS/IT background and HR mostly for Non-IT Background students) and questions on FINAL YEAR PROJECT was mandatory for all.


As I am from IT background so, my interview was mostly technical.


Technical + HR interview:

Me: May I come in mam.

HR: Yes, come in.

Me: Good afternoon mam.

HR: Good afternoon, please be seated.

Me: Thank you mam.

Now, she told me about herself and her experience in Infosys.

HR: Tell me something about yourself and your final your final year project.

Me: Told.

Then she asked some questions on project,

Me: Told.

As most of the student buy their project or arrange it from somewhere else, so if you are going for interview make sure that you have some idea about your project so that you can explain it in front of HR and be confident while describing your project.

HR: Two favorite subject in B.Tech.

Me: DLD (digital logic design) and DAA (design and analysis of algorithms).

HR: Draw truth table and logic diagram of XOR gate.

Me: Made it.

HR: Difference between c and java.

Me: Told.

HR: Class and object in oops (java).

Me: Told (but she was not satisfied with my answer).

HR: Write a program to add two number and display their sum and ADDRESS.

Me: Wrote (address is displayed by & operator).

HR: Write a program to print fibonacci series.

Me: Wrote. HR: Program for array multiplication.

Me: I explained the logic only (and that was sufficient).

And then she ended with technical questions. And asked some HR questions like:

Are you working somewhere?

Why did you left your previous job?

Will you able to relocate?

And last would you like to ask something?


They told us that result will be declared after 10 to 15 days and informed via email. After 10 days, I received mail from TALENT ACQUISITION and after 12 days from interview I received.


Dear Infoscion, Congratulations!


Tip: Be confident don't underestimate the power of a smile : ).