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Infosys Candidate-Experiences


Infosys Candiadate Experience


I am sharing my campus drive experience Of Infosys organised by our university for students of its campus on 30th and 31st October 2014.There were approx.142 students who were sitting in this placement drive.It was a two day drive, the pre placement and aptitude was conducted on the 1st day and the interviews on the second day.1st let us move on to the pre placement section, an fourty mins presentation consisting of videos and information about the company was discussed by the H.R who visited us.


A] Aptitude Test 


a) Section 1 (15 questions, 25 minutes) : Data interpretation, Data sufficiency and Syllogisms.
i. Data interpretation :


They will give a graph or pie chart or tables. Ours was a pie chart of sales of some product, their cost in respective years. These questions are tricky, but be calm and think logically while solving them as they know what are the mistakes one can commit and options can be confusing.


ii. Data sufficiency :


It is easier than the others, you just need to think calmly.


iii. Syllogisms :


This is another tricky part, but you just need to read the sentences carefully may be more than once, and think rationally to answer, don't get confused.


b) Section 2 (10 questions, 35 minutes) :


Its complete mathematical section i,e quantitative aptitude.Permutation combination, series and coding-decoding may appear in this part, practise from different websites including this and follow R.S aggarwal. puzzles are quite tricky in this section, read all the options carefully and then answer.


c) Section 3 (40 questions 35 mins) : Verbal 


Easy but the toughest to crack, most of my fellows couldn't get through it, because of this section. The preliminary thing I would like to suggest is, focus on the time management. Two extra large paragraphs will be given to you, you have to read it very carefully as questions are not straight forward, no extra time for reading, so practise reading from computers. And most important give short exams on verbal that are available in several websites including this. Practise from R.S aggarwal as well.

B] Interview part 


Out of 142 candidates ,70 were called for interview.Know your subject well, at least well enough to convince that you are eligible, know basic C-programming, atleast 2-3 programs.


Interviewer : Hi  Rithin, He shaked hand and told me to sit.


Me : I greeted as well.Rremember to keep a smile on your face.)


Interviewer :  He saw my C.V. and said good. Then asked me to Introduce yourself.


Me : Told.


Remember to focus on points that are not mentioned in your C.V, but yet may carry a good impression. Don't say anything negative until asked.


Interviewer :  So u know about programming?


Me : Yes sir.


Interviewer :  Then he started asking questions like:-


1. Write a program in c for writing to a file.


2. Tell me about function overloading and inheritance in Java. Write program also.


3. Write a program of your choice in any language and explain it working.


4. What is SDLC?


5. Drawbacks of Waterfall model.


6. What is Semaphore.


7. Join operation in DBMS.


8. What is self referential pointer?


9. Tell me any challenging situation of your life.


10. Problems faced in working as a team.


Interviewer : What is Big data?


Me : Told.


Interviewer :  What is Six Sigma?


Me : Told.


Interviewer :  Tell me about your project.


Me : Told.


Interviewer :  Why do you want to join infosys?


Me : Told.


Interviewer : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?


Me : Told. I answered all the questions very well. He was very much impressed.


Interviewer : Then he asked me if I had any questions.


Me: No sir.


After interview I was pretty much sure that I will be selected. In evening, Results were announced. 53 selected from 70 and my name was also in the list of selected students.Hope it will help you.. 


All d best..