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Infosys latest test pattern

Today I wanna share my experience of my infosys drive experience dated 11/7/2014.Hope it will be useful.

written exam:

 No negative marking it is easy to crack contain 2 sections and que are asked from basic topics. practising RS aggarwal book is best for answering them.

Total time for both the sections is 75 mins

1st section is containing quantitative and reasoning mostly

2nd section is verbal.

Guys here in 2nd section , u must be very careful while answering .. there will be maximum elimination here.There will be 2 paragraphs,1will be easy and 1 will be tough .1st attempt the easier one and later on go for the difficult one at last.My suggestion is to read the question given below first for the difficult paragraph.! sentence correction is a bit tough and mental ability figures are time taking. while writing written exam plz select any 1 option as answer eventhough you are not able to get the answer because there will be hardly any time to review your answers.

   Answering the quetion is better than leaving it alone because there is no negative marking there are some 1600 hundred students and after 1st round 250 were selected and called for interview.


INTERVIEW: There are 7 panels and they started the interviews at 11.00 am and at 12.15am i was called into panel 5. The HR was friendly. interview went in the following way.

HR: hi harish, take your seat

Me: thank you sir

hr: so, tell me about yourself

me: i started with my name, parental details , education, hobbies .

HR: why infosys?

Me: ( that day morning infosys quarterly results are out and i got a message that infosys growth is 21.6%).. so i started with that and he was amazed and has checked that in his laptop.... india is a hub for worlds it services and here we are having a great competition. inspite of it, infosys managed to be in the top 3 places consecutively for the past 5 years. etc

HR: asked @ project and fav subject

Me: explained my project and he listened about that very keenly . in the middle he interrupted me

HR: how did you get the idea and how did you implemented that??

Me: explained on what basis i got the idea

HR: what is your role in the project?

Me: i am the team leader sir. my team consist of 5 members.

HR: do you know programming??

Me: yes sir, i know c language ( i am eie background student and thats why i said c)

Hr has given me a sheet of white paper and asked me to write the logic of BUBBLESORT and swapping of 2 no.s without temp. variable and i have written it. He was extremely satisfied.

Hr: are you willing to relocate??

Me: yes sir definitely

Hr: so, you are a core branch student!! and how do you think you will be useful for infosys??

friends , for this quetion ,answer logically.  sir, now a days software is a universal profession and any branch student can do that!

Hr: how do you say that??

Me: If not, you will strictly allow only CSIT students for the drive and you will not be interviewing me. in the qualification you would not have mentioned BE/BTECH ALL BRANCHES. and the HR laughed for my answer. he seems to be completely satisfied

Hr : how can i know that you are passionate about programming?

Me: sir , in my final year project. i have done the coding for the controller and thereafter i got some bugs which were edited by a professional who was my friends cousin. if i dont have interest i would have given that work entirely to that person like all my other co-eds did.

Hr: ok harish you may leave

Me: thanked him and said hope i would hear from you soon sir and left the room that night around 11.51pm . I got a mail and i was selected. 111 students were selected out of 250 and I happened to be one of them.