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Infosys Candidate-Experiences

Infosys campus drive procedure and Tech and HR Interview written test pattern

I am a student of B.E. in Electronics & Communication from MITS, Gwalior (M.P.)

Infosys campus drive in our college was on October 2nd 3rd , 2013

Eligibility Criteria-> 60%+ in class 10th and 12th, 6.0 CGPA till then.

Infosys campus drive Procedure

1. written test
Logical Reasoning- 30 ques in 40 mins
Verbal- 40 ques in 35 mins
( the level is quite tough, you need to do lots of preparation for that.)

2. Interview
The one who clear the written test of Infosys with 60% cutoff in LR and 50% cutoff in Verbal, get to step in the next level, i.e. Interview.

1st, there is HR round, then all those who clear the HR round are taken for Technical Round

Infosys HR Interview

They were quite aged HRs. but were very frank.

entire interview will be about you and from your resume. 

Ques. will be like-

-Where are you originally from?,

-Tell us something about ur family,

-Do you find advantages or disadvantages of being a dayscholar?,

-You have mentioned in your resume that u have good leadership skills, where did you show cast your leadership skill?,

-Give a brief about your minor project?,

-how many of you were there in a group for your project?, how did you divide the work?, what all contribution did you had in that?,

-tell me about your strategy to study for exams,

-why is there variation in your marks of class 10th and 12th? (although I dint had much variation, still they asked and i was not at all prepared for this answer, bt randomly made one and answered),

-tell us something about your other interests?

it went on for around 15mins., was a great experience, kept a constant smile on my face, answered everything in fluent and confident english.

then after 1 hour I was called for Technical Interview

Technical Interview

-ok, lets start with your introduction?,
-explain your minor project? (i explained it on paper, making entire diagram of it)
-where can you make use of your project in today's world?
-will you be able to learn programming languages, and will u be able to compete with students of CS/IT? (said yes, very confidently)
-will you be able to relocate?
-why do you want to join IT company (Infosys)?

all this went on for 30mins. I was very much confident throughout the process.

Finally, I got selected. It was a great experience.

Some Interview tips-

-Always remember to keep a smile on your face permanently,
-look and sound confident,
-be sure with your answers,
-don't sound diplomatic,
-be very good at your communication skills (english),
-u must be clear with your views and ideas,
-there must be clarity in your voice.

they make u very comfortable, so don't get afraid of this. be comfortable, laugh with them but dont cross ur limits, maintain the decorum.
Remember that u hv everything to gain and nothing to lose. so, give ur best.

See You @ Infosys
All the Best!!!