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Infosys Selection-Procedure in Nirma Univ

Infosys selection procedure ( 3 rounds) from nirma univ. oct 2013

Day 1..........
ROUND 1 APTITUTE (75 mins) online test

section A was logical/analytical skills
section B was verbal
(same pattern was followed, as given by other contributors of fresher world)

Day 2................

1. qualifications
2. each and every project in detail ( with diagram, work flow, project definition/objective)
3. difference between static and auto variable in c based on scope/lifetime and default value)
4. why static & auto have different scope
5. image compression techniques
6. diff b/w agile, waterfall, spiral process models,, based on time taken and risk factor
7. will you relocate? 
8. how will you act in a team? example of team work? your behaviour/attitude while working ain a team
9. what do you mean by professionalism
10 any ques you want to ask me

1. about family, btech college, weather
2. why did you do mtech instead of job after btech
3. relocate?
4. your experience as a team member in your project,, how did you manage/ organize etc etc during your project..( he wanted to know about my attitude, behaviour etc with my team during my project) no technical info
5.any ques you want to ask me