Infosys Anna Univ Off campus Drive |   12093

Infosys Anna Univ Off campus Drive

Hi Friends,
Infosys Interview was easy for me.. 

But you need to be confident enough for getting into Infosys

In Infosys written Test has 2 rounds
Aptitude consisted of two parts :
I Logical Reasoning
Infosys Logical Reasoning Topics
Couples and their Business oriented problem..
Color of Dice problems..
Which image comes next kind of problems..
Data Sufficiency & Data Interpretation Problems..
(I felt it was easy to some extent ;) )

ii Verbal
Infosys Verbal Reasoning Topics
Verbal was Consisting of:
Error Correction..
Find Suitable word or sentence..
Comprehension..( 2 big Passages) :shock:
And few more :)
Around 818 students participated for this drive.:
We completed the test around 12 and results were announced by 3.30..
39 of us out 818 were selected.. We had our HR round the next day.

Infosys HR round was the easiest one..

Infosys HR's are too friendly.. Humble and you would love to converse with them. 8
There wer questions put up only from our RESUME..
Learn and keep all your skills updated in your resume..
Paper presentations and Final year Project..
Hobbies ( I mentioned Dancing & Cooking in my resume.. so he was asking questions related to it )
Since I mentioned about my NSS and Quality circle membership, he was asking about NSS motto.. Who formed NSS in India.. 
What is Quality Circle.. were it originated from.. ( Though I dint knew answers for few f those questions, the HR was giving me explanations about it.. Then finally questions like
"5 years from now wer ll you be.?"
"Why Infy??"
"Motto of Infy"
"What is Smart work & Hard Work.. Why 1 do you prefer?"

I completed my HR round and I was happy answering him.. ( No were n the world yu cn find a friendly HR like him.. After an hour the results were out.. Out of 39.. 35 Got selected..
HR member came and invited us for the training at Mysore.. :)

It was my most happiest day.. Getting into INFOSYS is little easy if you are Confident.. Bold.. Creative and Presentable :)
Gud Luck .. :) :) :)