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Hello Friends,

This is Rahul Kumar from FET, GKV and I was selected by Infosys on 7th Jan 2010, through pool campus recruitment conducted in COER, Roorkee.
The whole procedure was as follows:
1) Pre-Placement talk
2) Written test (Analytical thinking and logical Reasoning + Verbal ability test (English))
3) Interview
1) Pre-Placement talk: Do listen to it carefully friends because it helps you to know what kind of ppl. Infosys is looking for and helps you to prepare better for interview.
2) Written test comprised of 2 pprs.
i) Reasoning section: It comprised of 30 questions in 40 mins. Containing 2 puzzles with 5 questions each. 5 figurative series questions, 5 questions from data sufficiency, 5 questions from the. In Syllogism each. (These two saved me). Try to score as high as you can as question is really easy and sectional cut off matters. Just go with the basic study material of any MBA preparation coaching. (I opted for Time's) Thats more than enough or either go with R.S. Aggarwal (Verbal and non-Verbal reasoning) pay more stress on verbal reasoning and for the. I just have a look at R.S. Aggarwal Quantitative book. Thats it.
ii) English section: 40 questions in 35 mins and you might feel time is less but believe me its not. It consisted of 2 big RC's (Attempt dem at last as its time taking) with 5 questions each, fill in the blanks, sentence correction, questions on replacing the phrases with suitable meaning and theme detection small questions read dem once and you will find the answer. For RC's better read the questions first and then start reading the passage. Once you come across ne of the answer mark it in your answer sheet sometimes you don't have to read the whole passage and it saves time. For grammar go for basic grammar book (have a look at Tenses, Prepositions, Articles etc.) or again go for basic Time's study material.
3) Interview: HRs in infosys are really cool and they make you relax once you enter the interview room. No puzzle was asked to me in my interview. Mine was a ladies HR and she was really a very cool lady. Just a few Questions based on my resume but nothing technical(no need 2 worry). Until you mention project you just need to backup your strengths written in your resume with examples don't lie or try to dominate them they are smart enough just be cool and be confident and maintain your smile basically they will check your communication skills and your confidence. My interview lasted for almost 20 mins. And Finally results were announced at 1 a.m in the morning 3 hours after the interview and BINGO. I was one among the 22 lucky students selected from our college. Best of luck guys and I hope you find my experience helpful. Don't forget to take help from your seniors it really helps you a lot in preparation.
Thanks for reading.