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Infosys paper on 22nd Jan 2010 at Indore. 

Hi Friends,

I am Deepak Ojha from svits, Indore. There was a campus drive by Infosys in our college campus on 22nd Jan 2010. Their eligibility criteria is 60% for class 10th and 12th,65% for B.E. (Guys beware it is avg. marks not the aggregate) and they are very much strict about their criteria, even 64.99 % is not allowed. About 180 eligible students appeared for the written test of infosys.
And friends good news that i'm the one of lucky one to get chance to take training from Mysore training center, the largest corporate university in the world.
Total Students: 180
Students who cleared Aptitude Test: 71(Be careful huge reduction in this section)
Students Select in interview: 55(I am one of them) 
Some key points:
1. If you clear the written, there are 90% chances of selection.
2. Always reply in interview with full confidence and preferably by taking an example.
Selection Procedure:
Infosys is such a company where there is no barrier in stream. That means students from any stream can sit in Infosys. There are no direct Technical round in Infosys.
The whole Selection Process contains two section aptitude test.
Analytical & Logical reasoning i.e. aptitude test:(30 questions: 40 minutes)
English/verbal section: (40 questions: 35 minutes) 
Friends they will not tell about any sectional cut off be careful about section cutoff, but I think that there might be a sectional cutoff, so do well in both sections to ensure your selection. After Aptitude test HR interview.
Study Materials for aptitude test:
Verbal & Non verbal R.S. Agarwal, Quantitative aptitude R.S. Aggarwal.
Some Time’s/PT's CAT study materials. And ofcourse last but not least Freshersworld (Be Regular & update with this site, You will get really very help) 
Analytical & Logical reasoning:
Friends the order of questions are as follows(There is no negative marking)
Questions 1-5  are based on ranks. They are very much easy and can be solved within 5 minutes.
Questions 6-10 on choose the odd man out from the figure series (some are easy some are moderate)
Questions 11-15 based on normal mathematics. (I do not remember them properly)
Questions 16-20 based on pie chart, a very easy one
Questions 21-25 based on a puzzle. Puzzle is like that "there are 5 persons in the family a, b, c, d, e and they are Farmer, Doctor, Trader, Lawyer, Engineer and we have to find the correct match for each a, b, c, d, e based on some more info given".
Questions 26-30 based on syllogisms.
English/verbal Section:
Friends do this section with a very cool mind because time given for this is less.
Two passages and 5 question from each passages: Do it at the last and before reading the passage see the question one time.
Sentence Correction: Be care about tense mistake, spelling mistake, using of pronoun.
Fill in the Blanks: Gain a details idea on preposition, phrase, idioms.
Theme Detection. 
Identification of some supporting or weakening sentences about a paragraph given
HR Interview
Now the final section. The only one solution to crack the interview is keeping yourself cool. Friends believe me the Infosys HR panel are the coolest person in the world (At least for my panel). And always think that they are taking your Interview to select you, not to reject you. Be friendly, polite with them and follow the proper etiquettes.
My HR panel consists of one person. He is of around 55-60 years of age. He is too good and very friendly.
Me: May I come in sir?
HR: Yes, please come in, have a seat.
Then he stood up and shake hands with me.
Me: Thank you sir.
HR: Ok tell me something about your routine work?
Me: I told
HR: How you prepare for your exams. Tell me the whole process by taking an example.
Me: I told
HR: Do you have given any paper presentation?
Me: Told with the example of instance when i gave the seminar?
HR: Are you a good leader?
Me: Yes, I am and explain this by taking the examples of my projects and difficulties encountered in that and how i overcome that and accomplish the project successfully.
HR: Ok, Deepak do you read books?
Me: Yes sir, and told the name of books that i read and how they benefited me.
HR: Then he asked me about my family and just a casual talk after that.
HR: Ok, Deepak nice to talk you.
At last, he stood up and shook hands with me.
then i gently stood up and say.
Me: Thank you sir and have a nice day
My interview was good and i'm quite sure that, i'm through and got selected in my dream company. It was like a dream comes true.
Ok, my friends so this is my story that how i cracked the infosys. Meet you at Mysore. 
Good bye and Have Good Luck.