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Hello Friends,

I am Samrat Sinha of BITM, Santiniketan, West bengal. I hope my Infosys selection procedure will be of some help for you. Infosys organised a off-campus recruitment in Kolkata on 11th September 2010.

There were around 1200 students apperaing for that recruitment drive that day. The aptitude paper was easy comapred to other companies and guys do keep in mind there is no negative marking, so first answer those questions of which you are sure of and then just tick the others as well. For the aptitude test, practising Quantitative Aptitude & Verbal & Non-Verbal reasoning both by R.S. Aggarwal will be enough.

The paper was divided into two parts, first quantitative & then Verbal and non-verbal. There were questions on puzzles, syllogism, antonyms and synonyms, comprehension. Luckily i cleared the aptitude and was called for interview the very next day.

Below is my Interview experience:
Date: 12th September 2010.

The HR was around 50 years old.

Me: Good afternoon Sir
HR: Good afternoon, have a seat.

Me: Thank you Sir.
HR: So, Samrat tell me about yourself.

Me: I just gave a normal introduction of my family background, education background.
HR: What is the meaning of your name?

Me: Answered.
HR: Can you name any emperor?

Me: Sure Sir, Samrat Ashoka.
HR: He was of which dynasty?

Me: Answered.
HR: OK Samrat, how is the day for yoy?

Me: Answered fluently that today is a very special day for me as i am siting here, giving interview for such a reputed company and etc etc.
HR: How was yesterday then?

Me: Yesterday was also very special as i cleared the aptitude test etc etc.
HR: Nothing about the food that you had, the weather

Me: Sir, yesterday and today are special for me only because of Infosys otherwise it would have just been a normal day for me.
HR: Ok. Tell me about your project.

Me: Gave an overview of the project.
HR: Why this project?

Me: Gave sum justified reasons.
HR: Suppose you have 12 days to prepare for CAT, how will you do it?

Me: Sir, if i have just 12 days then first of all i would try to get the knowledge of the CAT question paper and then suppose if there are two topics, Quantitative & verbal and non-verbal then i will devote 5 days each to them and i will keep the last two days for practising previous year papers so that i get acquainted with them.
HR: Ok Samrat you can leave now.

Me: Thank you Sir. It was a pleasure to interact with you.
HR: Same here.
Then the officials announced that the result will be communicated via email very shortly. But they took exactly two months. On 12th November, i got the offer letter from Infosys. Guys just be confident during the interview and give your full effort for aptitude paper because there is no technical round in Infosys.

Wishing you all the best in your respective lives.