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Hi Friends,

I want to thank all the people here contributing the papers and their experience and placement week as well. Talking about my experience i gave my written and interview off-campus of Infosys technologies in September 2010.

Around 240 people out of  1800 get through written test. When they were anouncing the names i was little sure that i will not be able to get through. But i did it and after that there comes the interview a gentle man there had taken my interview

Interview process was like 
I said may i come in sir

Interview shaked hand and told me to sit down and after that he start looking at my docs, resume and told me to signed around 3-4 places in there form

Int: Where is your college?
Me: Told

Int: Said that your project is on old concept
Me: Told sir we made it in new technology in total new shape

Int: Talked about my project and my role of conduct in project
Me: Told

Int: Asked me to tell the difficulties i faced in project?
Me: Told about interface connection was not happening

Int: When you were alloted on this project and minor project?
Me: Told

Int: How did you get the idea of your project?
Me: Told

Int: How many people were involved in your major project?
Me: Told for

Int: Name them and their roles?
Me: Told

Int: Do you have any question?
Me: Said what type of training Infosys will provide to us?

He told that it would be specific to us

Me: What type of the profile is system engineer?
Int: He said if you get through the process you will get to know it.

Me: Thank you sir and shaked hand again and after nearly 2.5 months i got offer of employment from Infosys technologies limited with joining in 1st quarter of 2011 at Mysore with the annual compensation of 3.25 lakh per annum

Thanks to Infosys technologies and placement week and all my friends for everything.