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Test Location : Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi

Test Date : 29th August, 2010

Submitted by : Raman Kumar Tarika


Infosys paper 2010.


This is Raman Kumar from Noida. I am 2009 MCA passed out from ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad.


Friends it was the off-campus drive. The Written test was on 29th August. Aptitude paper of Infosys are little bit tough in compare to others.


This was my second attempt for Infosys, First was when i was in College (On Campus) in 2008.


I have already listened many times that If you can Clear the Written Exam of Infosys it means you have made it upto 70%. In the Interview, you just need to be active. So I prepared for the same. Before written exam, a Pre-Placement talk was scheduled but later on cancelled due to heavy rush and less space.


Important points to clear the written exam:

1. R.S. Aggarwal is good enough for preparation of written exam.

2. A week's prepration can make you through. But you have to practice it seriously.

3. Time management is the biggest factor.

4. Follow the rules defined by Infosys. They are the company of etiquettes.

5. Philosophical (from me): Make your Desire really strong and also provide the actions that can match your desire. When you are appearing for the test then forget all the world just go into it.


Written Exam:

There were two sections
1. Aptitude and Logical reasoning (30 questions, 30 minutes)
2. English ( 35 questions, 40 minutes)


Aptitude and Logical reasoning:


I don't remember the exact questions. But I remember the topics

1. Problems on Ages

2. Time and Work (Questions like- A can do this in 8 hrs and b can in 10 hrs, then A+B?)

3. Percentage

4. Puzzles

5. Logical Problems

6. Numbers

7. Missing figure

8. Data sufficiency




1. Paragraph

2. Inferences (Select the sentence that doesn't match)

3. Sequesnces of Sentences according to priority

4. Correct the sentence

5. Other Grammer


Practice all the above topics. All type of questions at least once.


When I was doing the Written Exam, I felt - Thank God I have spent last two days in the prepration because my preparation for the exam was really helping me. After submitting the test, I was confident and feeling that I'll clear but I was continuously asking God for his grace and help.


We had to wait for a long time for the results. Near about 5 p.m. in the evening they announced.

All the sheets were passing out and I was hungry to listen my name. Then the person who was announcing the result spoke "This is the Last Sheet and only 10 candidates on it." On the 5th number he announced "Raman Kumar".
I had cleared the written exam. They told us Interview dates and Venue will be informed us by mail. 170 students were selected from the interview.




I got the mail for Interview. My Interview held on 16th September at Nehru Place, New Delhi.


Note: Infosys interviewers are really experienced persons. There were lots of Old age persons in the panel. They really notice your etiquettes. Be Polite. They are Nice people. Main thing is that they are questioning to hire you not to reject you. Give then Good response and you'll be picked up. Show them your learning ability. Show them your way of problem solving.

Read Puzzles before going into the Interview.


My Interview:


I was sitting in the waiting room. An old persons called my name and told me to wait outside the room.

After some wait, they called me inside.

They were Two persons. Both were aged ones. really experienced.


Me: May I come In, Sir?

HR: Yes, please.

I entered and shut the door very softly that it didn't make any noise and stood by the chair.

HR: Have a seat.

Me: Thank you, sir. and sat down ( By following the way in which we should sit in front of them (straight)& with positive body language)


They read my resume for some time and I was expecting that there first question will be "Some thing about yourself" and I was preparing for this one. But they shocked me by asking an UnExpected question as technical first one.


HR: For How long you lived in Punjab?

Me: Pardon sir?


HR: For How long you lived in Punjab?(They repeated)

Me: Told


HR: What your father's occupation

Me: Told (Shopkeeper and Milkman)


HR: Ok. (silence for a moment) so Raman in which company you are working

Me: Told


HR: Something about the Company?

Me: Told enough  described the company's domain and strength and clients.


HR:  About the project in which you are working?

Me: I described the project in detail. I spoke for nr about 2 mins. They were noticing my way of presentation. When i stopped, I noticed i have described it nicely. Main thing was the selection of words and terms that you use. They want to check your presentation.


(Then they asked so many question from that description)


HR: Have you faced or stuck to any problem while working on this project?

Me: Yes sir


HR: Which type of problem and how did you solve it?

Me: (They want to know your way of handling the problems - Be ready for this) - Told - ( I gave them an Example of Regular Expression)- Guys , Please use the Examples while answering - Real Life Examples.


Now, again they started to read my Resume and started picking questions from there. Guys, Telling you honestly. You must read your resume and prepare for everything that you have written in technical Resume. OR You must write the things in the resume that you know and you can describe very well.


HR: Raman, You have written here you have participated in functions? can you tell us what type of functions? What happened there?

Me: Told (Given the example of Quiz Competition and Speech Competition that i really participated in during my School and College time)


HR: Have you organized any Function as a leader?

Me: Yes sir.


HR: Tell us something about that Event and Your Team? How did you moralized your team?

Me: Told. I explained them by speaking the same wording that a captain should speak to his team before a Match.


HR: Have you faced any problem while the function was going on and you were hosting the stage and how did you handled it at a time?

Me: Explained the problem with a real Example and Told them how i managed the situation without letting anyone know.


HR: Define us more? ( They just wanted to check my Communication and Presentation)

Me: Explained.


HR: One more question from my Resume from my Interests that were written in Resume


HR: (Again the Question from my Hobbies and Interests) Why Adventure is your Hobby?

Me: Explained well and ended with a 'Quote' that I read in my English literature book in my Graduation time.


(Telling you Guys, that was a Punch, a Shot)

That quote also ended the Interview.


HR: Ok, Raman thats it from our side and (Silence)

Me: Should I leave , Sir?

HR: Yes.

Me: I stood up and thanked both of them Individually. They smiled. One of them was noticing me when I was going out of the room and closing the door.


( We were told that results would be sent to your mail)

After a long wait. After two Months and 7 days I got the call from Infosys that I got selected and then in the evening they sent the Offer Letter. (Yipppeee!) I thanked God for his grace and also a Big thanks to as old papers helped me a lot.
I am going to Join Infosys on 24th January.


Best of Luck, friends. Feeling happy to share the experience with all of you!

See you there in Infosys!


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