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Hello Everyone, I am Khushi Shah from Thakur college Mumbai, Maharashtra. I had attended the Infosys off-campus interview conducted at Thakur college itself. Totally 920 students from approximately 29 colleges were present at this recruitment drive.
Eligibly Criteria:
60.00% SSC
60.00% HSC
58.00% Engineering (No year gap in between is allowed)
Approximate intake:
Total Students: 920
Students who cleared Aptitude Test: 215
Students Select in interview: 180
Selection Process:
Analytical & Logical reasoning: 30 questions: 40 minutes
English section: 40 questions: 35 minutes 

Sectional cutoff is not informed officially.
Study Materials:
Practise a lot of papers from freshersworld itself.
R.S. Aggarwal.

Aptitude Test:
The apptitde test was quite difficult but can be easily cracked by doing some practise. Reasoning section had 6 sets. Though I don't remember exactly but there were questions like.

1. A,B,C,D,E & F wear clothes of different colours like red, blue, grey, green, black & yellow not necessarily in the same order. Then some hints regarding their trousers and shirts are given like
a. A wears trousers of he same colour like that of Bs shirt
b. C does not wear yellow and red clothes.

& so on. Then simple 5-6 questions are asked

2. Harry, cary, tim, sam, josh and ron are sitting round a table & then hints like Tim sits opposite sam and harry sits to the left of tim and all is given. Again simple set of 4-5 questions is asked.

3. A,B,C are friends. A always speaks the truth. B always lies and C says truth sometimes only. Then some cases are there. Practising from R.S. Aggrawal will help a lot.
In the verbal section there were 2 reading comprehensions which were to some extent difficult. Then there were questions on fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.detect the error in the statement was also there which requires knowledge of "punctuation, tenses and prepositions". Then questions on synonyms and correct usage of phrases were also there.

In order to crack your apptitude you need to be extremely quick. Please do verify whether there are any negative marks for a wrong answer or not, for us there wasnt any negative markings. The results would be announced in 2-3 hours and if you clear the apptitude test then interview is really nothing you need to worry about.
HR Interview:

There was only 1 person taking my interview. He asked me to introduce myself.Asked my strong points and then when we came to the topic of college life we actually had a nice casual conversation. Then he gave me a choice whether i would like to describe any events i had organised or my final year project. I choose to talk about my project and told him every detail of it. Then he asked me my part in the project and also to describe the problems i faced during the whole time and how i had overcome them.
The results were sent through mail after approximately 2 months along with the offer letter and joining date though usually they announce it on that day itself. Thank God and Guys don't worry at all you can definitely crack it just be relaxed and calm and believe in God and do a lot of practise from previous years papers and R.S.Aggrawal.

All the best!