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Hello Friends,

I took part in Infosys off-campus drive in Greater Noida, and the selection process consist of Written Test followed by Interview.
Written test:
The written test consist of General aptitude test in which reasoning question were asked some question were mathematical and some were odd one out (out of 5 figures one was different). Another thing in the written test is the English which is also simple but the two unseen passage are quite time consuming I just done the first one (because it was small) and left the second passage because it was bit lengthy now comes the grammer part, in grammer part there were question in which wrong sentence were give or some part of the sentence was worng and you have to find the correct from the options given, some question were like fill in the blanks and you have to fill the blank with best option.

The thing which you people have to manage with is TIME because it goes so fast you can't imagine. After the test i wait for for almost 3 to 4 odd hour and when the result came, i was one of them in the selected student for interview, out of 1000(approx.)students they selected only 166 students.

The next was our interview and they just ask from the Resume, no need to get fear, and do not lie in interview. My interviewer was a lady and she was a very cool lady after the interview was over they told us that result will come in around 4 weeks, so we all can go for today, and on 18th November, 2010 I received a mail and my offer letter. At that moment I was very very very very happy.

Hope this will help you to prepare.

Bye see you in Infosys Mysore Campus.