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Hi Friends,

This is Ramya frm Vel HighTech, Chennai. I attended Infosys interview on November 28th, 2010 at Anand Institute, Chennai. It was an off-campus. Nearly 3000 attended written test. Luckily i got selected in it.

Written test:

Written test had two sections wit 70 questions and duration was 75 mins.
Analytical & Logical reasoning: (30 questions, 40 minutes)
English section: (40 questions, 35 minutes).
It was bit easy. I think it had sectional cut off. So please do attend all sections equally. Just go through the previous papers in, it would be very helpful. English section had one big paragraph with 5 questions. Please don waste time in that, attend it at last.
Then it had a paragragh & some questions like what you infer from the above para, fiil the blanks wit correct tense, replace the underlined phrase with appropriate one & among four option which sentence is correct. No synonyms, antonyms. In first section it had syllogism, non verbal reasonin like some diagrams will be given & will ask the next one, one para will be given with some clues & 5 questions will be given.

Out of 3000, 337 got selected for next round.

HR interview:

The very next day i had my HR at Infosys, Chennai. It was very very easy. They'll check only your communication & confidence. So don worry if you'll clear aps then surely you'll get placed in Infosys. They just asked me about my hobbies, family, college, extra curricular activities. Then they informed us tat they'll mail our results after 3 weeks. Finally i got mail on December 17th, 2010. Fortunately i got selected.
So friends just concentrate on aps & do well.
All the best!
See you in Infosys!