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Dear Friends,

This is Hemanth Kumar Pagadalu from Tirupati, completed my B.Tech in Chadalawada Ramanamma Engineering College in 2010, I have applied for the Infosys in June through the mail id then the Infosys HRD team sent me a call letter to attend for the written test, I attended the written test on November 28th at Anand Institute Of Higher Technology in Chennai.
As every one know that Infosys contains two rounds i.e
1) Written test
2) HR round
Written test:
The written contains two sections i.e reasoning and english, reasoning is very easy, they will give 30 questions in 40 mins, one can easily do 25 questions if they has regular practice, the cutt off for reasoning is around 18 to 20, i.e 60 to 65 %.
Friends my suggestion is you first concentrate on the cutt off marks i.e , our target is to do 18 questions in 40 mins which was very easy, then go for single option we can clear easily the reasoning.
Next was english which was very tough, they will give 30 questions in 30 mins, in which two large passages are given which takes more time, but good news is that the cutt off is 50 to 55 % i.e 12 to 14, my suggestion is first concentrate on passage, we can get easily 10 marks there and  put one option remaining and we can clear  easily.
HR round: 
The infosys H.R persons are very cool persons, they are around 50 to 60 years, my HR Madam was very nice.  

Me: May I come in Madam
HR: Yes Hemanth come in

Me: Thank you Madam
HR: Take your seat Hemanth

Me: Thank you.
HR: Give your copy of Resume

Me: Given
HR: What have you done for these 3 months after completing your B.Tech

Me: I told about my IAF interview process, she impressed by my explanation
HR: Yur hobbies
Me: Told, by giving my strengths, she again impressed
HR: Hemanth, why are you so fast, do you want water

Me: Yes Madam.
HR: Being EEE side why you are coming to software side

Me: I already prepared for this question, she impressed by my answer, then the whole process turned as two friends talking to one another, I was very happy that I did very well, the HR interview continue for another 10 mins, with general topics like projects, and our acheivements.
HR: Any questions to ask hemanth.

Me: Yes Madam,
1) What is cloud computing
2) Wheather we have to go for any courses before training
3) How was my interview

HR: Explains clearly for all my questions, and said it was really very nice talking to you Hemanth
Me: Same feeling Madam.
After HR round the Infosys people came and said, the results will be mailed after 3 weeks, on 17th December exactly around 11 am I received a mail from Infosys with a offer letter, at that time I was so happy and my eyes is filled with with tears, by the blessings of god and my family and  my friends and my hard work brings sucess for me.
Friends I didn't crack TCS (HR),CTS, L&T, and finally I cracked the Infosys, and i'm very happy to be part of Infosys.

Its my life and I made it large, finally Hemanth became an Infoscion.
I hope my experience will give you certain knowledge about Infosys, all the best friends, meet you all in Mysore campus.