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(At RGM Engg college, Kurnool, Andhra Praadesh)

Hi Friends, I am Shiva from AITAM, Tekkali (Srikakulam Dist),AP. I have attended the Infosys campus interview conducted at  our college, Tekkali, AP.  Around 180 students attended the interview and friends good news that i'm the one of lucky ones to get chance to take training from Mysore. Now I'm sharing you my experiences with Infosys.
60% in SSC
60% Intermediate
68% Engineering (up to the previous semester)
Statistic: (Approx)
Total Students=180
Students who cleared Aptitude Test=20 (Be careful huge reduction in this section)
Students Select in interview=14 (I am one of them)
Selection Process:
Analytical & Logical reasoning: (30 questions, 40 minutes)
English section: (40 questions, 35 minutes)  
Sectional cutoff is not informed officially but I heard that there is 60%  cutoff in first Section, & 50% from second section.
Study Materials:
Verbal & Non verbal R.S. Aggarwal.
GRE barron's 12th edition (for English)
And ofcourse last but not least
Written Test:
I could not remember clearly but sure they are easy but the thing is that the problem of time. Five questions were asked on figure Analogy, five were on data sufficiency, another five on data interpretation. This time instead of syllogism they asked the questions based on logical linkage and connectivity of two given statements for each quesion. Those all questions looking easy but the 10 Questions based on Group reasoing where i felt verytough are taken more time to solve. But i failed to solve 7 questions out of 10 from group reasoning. So be careful in managing the time.
This paper has 2 paragraph questions each having 5 questions. Both of the paragraphs given in my exam are lengthy but very easy, do the Reading Comprehension at the last. And a few questions on sentence correction. Fill in the Blanks: Gain a details idea on prepositions, phrases etc. My suggesion is be good at english grammar which is a key factor in solving the Error detection and Correction questions.
The result was announced after 2 hours. Selected students were asked to wait for the interview.
HR Interview:

I was the first person entering the HR Panel after the Immediate announcement of the shortlisted candidates in Written test. I advise you should be fully aware of what you have written in your Resume.

Dress formally and look presentable for the interview. Remember the interviewer will be watching you from the moment you enter the room. Be cool. Listen to them obediently. Do not be in a hurry to answer the questions. They may complement your answers if they wish.
MR (Managerial Round) interview:
The HR people of Infosys are very friendly. So the only quality you should show is the Confidence. My interview is mainly focussed on extracircular activites, personal Interests like Goals, Hobbies etc. Be perfect at your project and other extra presentations given by you.
Try to ask some Questions to them if they offer you about your Questions.
Luckily I am one of the 14 students who are finally selected for the training at Mysore. Thank God.  Don't worry you people can also get selected in Infosys.

Waiting for joining date.

See you at Mysore.

All the best!