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Hey mates,   I sat for Infosys placement drive conducted in Sinhgad Institute, Pune. The exam was of 2 sections aptitude and a English. Luckily for me there was no quantitative (which I was very low on confidence and hated).   The 2 sections were as:1) Aptitude (30 questions, 40 mins)   It consisted of:i) Find the odd figure out(very easy) (5 questions)ii) Data sufficiency (Found it hard. So randlomly selected option 3 for al) (5 questios)iii) Cube Cutting (5 questions)iv) Puzzle test (go through R.S Aggrwal verbal and non-verbal, chapter name is puzzle test) (very easy)v) Logical sequence of words (just use your instincts and common sense) (easy)vi) Data Interpretation (Line Graph) (it was average, do R.S.Aggrwal quantitative last chapter).2) English (40 questions, 35 mins) i) 2 simple passages(read the questions and answer the question rather than reading the passage saves lot of timeii) General fill in thr blank with approprite grammeriii) Few sentences and correcting the sentecesEnglish was basically very easy and that was my strength. If you are from an english medium school. You wil find it easy. Although others need not worry. Its really easy. Stats: Appeared: 405Shortlisted: 136Placed: 108 If you clear the aptitude you are almost placed. Interview is just to check how good you communicate and not how brilliant you are technically. Be Confident.Interview: Basic Questions: 1) Tell me abt yourself?2) Why Infosys?   And some other. Do project overview, seminar, and hobbies. They just ask you overview. No technical in depth.All the best and hope you get placed in Infosys.And last but not the least was my preparation material. If you go through papers. You are almost there. It held me a lot lot lot. Thanks admins you Rock