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Hello Friends,
This is Tapash from St. Thomas’ College of Engineering and Technology (Kolkata). Infosys came to our college on 7th January. At first they start with a boring ppt presentation by Mr. Tanveer singh, who is looking like rocket singh. What I like in the presentation is the training of Infosys at Mysore, which can fail any 5 star hotels in accommodation. Ok now coming to the topic, our aptitude exam starts from 10.45.
And one most thing you have to know about Infosys is that the toughest part of the placement procedure of Infosys is that the aptitude examination. As you clear the aptitude examination you can sit back and relax that if you don’t make a mess in interview they will not throw you out. And resul will prove it. In IEM 195 cleared aptitude examination and they will hire 194 of them. An also in our college out of 230 only 137 cleared the aptitude examination and only one is eliminated in interview round as she just can’t speak in front of an interviewer.
Now you may think that the paper of INFY in very tough. But that is not the case. The main constraints are
·  Infosys is very strict in cut-off marks. Cut-off marks for verbal section is 50% of the total marks and in analytical part the cut-off marks is 60% of total marks. I.e. you have to get 20 out of 40 in verbal section and 18 out of 30 in analytical section. But don’t afraid question is not so tough.
·  Another notable point is to you have to manage time as in verbal section you have to answer 40 marks only in 35 mins but in analytical section you have to answer 30 marks in 40 mins. So In analytical part you get enough time.
Now in analytical section the questions are on
* Non verbal series (little bit tougher 5 questions)
* Cubes (like a cube of 10 cm length of each side is cut into 1000 equal small cubes. And outer side is coloured in black of 1 cm width and then another 1cm painted blue in all the side and that related questions. Very easy but time consuming so you have practice this type of questions from R.S Aggarwal non verbal book cubes and dices chapter 5 questions)
Another question from puzzle (see R.S Aggarwal puzzle section similar type easy but time consuming). A data interpretation question (very easy). Now in the verbal section two passages are there (easy one you can easily answer if you read it)
There are sentence completions (options are given you have to put the right ones in the blanks given). There are questions like one statement given and some part is underlined, we have to replace that section with the correct option. (4 options given) these are mainly on subject and verb agreement.
There are questions on reordering of sentences.
There are questions to find the correct sentence from the 4 sentences given.

There are questions on syllogisms in which 5 to 6 statements are given and 4 options are given, you have to find which option agree with the statements given like R.S Aggarwal logic 1B chapter question 28 to 55.

In HR round its seems like only formality. All the HRs are old but all are very very friendly. They are only taking interview for 5 mins maximum. And as all know Infosys only asks HR questions.

Me: May I come in mam
HR: Yes please
Me: Good Afternoon Mam

HR: Good Afternoon

HR: So Tapash tell me something about yourself.
Me: Told
HR: What does your father do? Mother and do you have any siblings? What he do?

Me: Told

HR: So you have done project on switching transients on utility systems? Tell me what have you done?
Me: I started but in middle she told me that you have done your vocational training in Mython right? what you have seen there?
Me: Told

HR: Ok tell me how will you pursue anyone to take an action with example.

Me: I can’t remember anything so I firmly told her that mam I can't remember it now.
HR: Ok then give me an example where you deal with any bad person and how?
Me: I gave it
HR: Thank you very much Tapash
Me: Thank you Mam.
Our result announced at about 9 pm and I got selected.
If you think this post is helpful for you please comment on this. And if you have any questions you can contact me
Tapash Debnath
Best of Luck!