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Hope you are all doing great in life Friends,

I would like to share my experience with all who happen to browse through this beautiful and should. I add a very informative website for freshers like me

I hope my experience in the aptitude and HR round might help you all in some way.

Students from many engineering colleges in West Bengal attended this campussing. The venue was Heritage institute of technology and the whole process took place through 2 days (11th and 12th September).

As most of you know, Infosys has two different sections in their aptitude test

1) One was the Reasoning aptitude test(30 questions which included data interpretation, logical reasoning,  pictorial puzzles, basic derivative mathematical problems)
2) Another part was the Verbal  aptitude test(40 questions which included 2 long passages, sentence correction, fill in the blanks with appropriate words, replace a part of a sentence with the correct verbal phrase)
No negative marking in either of the sections, but I am not sure whether there are sectional cut-offs. So be sure to attempt all the questions in both sections, don’t dawdle with one question if you don’t know it. Be sure to pass one to the next one, remember in such little time utilizing every minute is very very important. Even 1 correct or 1 wrong answer could make the difference.
It is a very thin line that might help you to nail the job or get yourself nailed.
Total students appeared Approx 2000
Shortlisted for HR  390
This Aptitude rounds are the ones where a staggering 1600 students got eliminated, which in this case amounts to 80% of the strength
My interview was a 1:1 panel. Trust me when I tell you that Infosys HRs are very frank and cool.
I entered the room after asking for permission (always ask for permission before you step in)
Me: may I come in sir
HR: yes, please come in
The HR was sitting in his chair, so I reached out spontaneously for a handshake and greeted him a very good morning. He looked up to me and extended his hand very pleasingly and smiled and replied good morning. Many say that you shouldn’t extend your hand first for the handshake if the HR doesn’t. But many think that’s rubbish and i too share the same opinion. Shaking the hand is a way of showing courtesy and greeting the person. It also shows that you are not nervous and you are confident, so it helps in creating a good positive impression about you in the HR’s mind even before the interview has begun. A good firm (not bone- crushing) handshake acts like a pleasant stimulator.

HR: please take the seat
Me: (while taking my chair) thank you so much
I kept my hands on the table and sat leaning forward, when the HR said please sit back in your chair and relax Sourya. So I did that
And then he asked me How was yesterday Sourya?
Me:  Sir, it was fine
HR: describe yesterday
HR: how do you approach a problem?
HR: what projects have you done?
HR: how do you prepare for your exams?
HR: suppose you had 15 days left for your final semester exams, how would you prepare yourself?
HR: tell me about your project?
HR: tell me about your family background?
HR: So, you are the only son of your parents
ME: yes, sir, I am the only son
HR: How many were there in your project group?
HR: Thank you
ME: thank you very much Sir
And left the room, the questions he asked were very innocent questions, atleast they may look like innocent, but the HR comes to know a lot about you from these very basic questions, be very honest and confident. It’s obvious to be a bit nervous and make some mistakes as a fresher.
But just focus that you don’t create a negative impression to the HR.
Believe in yourself and trust your God.