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Hi friends.I am sri deepthi.I got selected in INFOSYS held on June 18 at GEC.Out of 750 students attended, 43 got selected and I am happy that I am one of them.

Pattern of selection process:
1.Written test
Section 1: Reasoning.(30 Questions,40min)
Section 2:Verbal.(40 Questions,35min)
2.HR interview

1.Written test
Reasoning part of Infosys pattern is very easy.The topics included in this are
1.Syllogism (5 Ques)
2.Data interpretation(bar,pie charts) (5 Ques)
3.Next figure in series or sometimes find odd thing(5 Ques)
4.Puzzle test(5 Ques)
5.problem on ages(5 Ques)
remaining Ques are from any of the above. All the topics are there in RS.Agarwal.For Data interpretation also refer CAT and GRE materials.      In problem on ages  6 to 7 people age relations will be given and we need to find who is  elder, older, order  of  persons in terms of ages.

Coming to verbal part ,it is  little bit tough.The topics  includes
1.Comprehension passages(2 passages,10Ques)
2.Choose correct sentence without any grammatical errors out of four(8 to 9Ques)
3.Critical reasoning Ques(7 to 8 Ques)
4.Fill the blanks according to context given(10 Ques)

For Verbal section refer CAT,GRE ,GMAT materials.One point is answer the passages at last because the passages are too long.Time management is required to attend this section successfully.First the verbal paper will be corrected and only if U reach the cutoff U'R reasoning paper will be evaluated.So pay more concentration on verbal part.

2.HR interview  
After getting through the written test,interview is the next step in recruitment process. My interview was cool.The HR manager created a environment that made me feel like I am talking to my family member only.I entered the room with pleasant smile with no signs of tensions on my face.Interviewer didn't even ask me to introduce myself.

some of the Ques are
1.value of squareroot(2i)
2.It's raining at 12'Oclock morning and so there is no sunshine.Will there be sunshine after 38hrs.
(ans:It will be,there will be no sunlight)
3.Using 1 to 9 numbers fill a 3by3 rectangular box such that sum should be 15 if added horz,vertical,diagonally. will U  decorate a pencil that is given to a child
5.2min Jam on the topic given by HR manager.
6.As I am from E.C.E stream some Ques regarding my subject and so on.

Later on I faced stress interview.HR manager used tosay"Deepthi U are having very good academic percentage and I think U didn't taste the flavour of failure.So,I will try to fail  U".Even during the time of stress interview I maintained pleasant smile.Results were announced at 9:30 and I got selected.I thought I won the day.

So be confident with pleasant smile on U'R face.ALL THE BEST.
Hope to meet U in INFOSYS.
Ch.Sri Deepthi.