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Hi,friends this is  raj chaitanya of ECE from Gudlavalleru Eng colloge.I got selected for INFOSYS HELD AT OUR COLLEGE.In this paper i am not going to deal with any questions but i wanna present u with some of my experiences which i had faced in my interview.i hope this thing is going to help you.i will give some of my HR QUESTIONS.

I think you willl be much aware about the test pattern,anyway

It consists of two parts ;

Reasoning  is quite easy when compered to can easily crack this by preparing R.S AGARWAL reasoning.its more than enough.try to have maximum grip over this.

verbal is the toughest part where you have to pay more concentration.its very time consuming.for this prepare a good CAT MATERIAL many people say that passages are waste and time consuming ,but try to allocate the sufficient time for passages as they are scoring.try wrenn martin  for grammar and correction of sentences.but remember one thing time factor is very important here.

coming to my HR:
HR interview:

he gave me questions like,
1.tell me about yourself
2.gave me two puzzles
(!)he gave me 4 balls and asked me to place them at equal to distant to each other(ans:pyramid or prism)
(2)in a box there are  two colors of socks and in single chance you have to pick up how many socks so that you can form a pair(Ans :3)
3.suitation analysis based question .
4.about my presentations
5.if you were a railway minister.
6.ask me a question.

one thing you have to remember in HR is be confident ,even if you dont know the answer tell him that you dont know ,but dont try to bluff him.All ways wear a smile on your face with a good expression .

ok , friends after you got selected try to submit new papers which will be help full for job aspirants. Try to put your best at the interview with the unbounded CONFIDENCE.all the best .

Hope we will meet at infosys.

Raj chaitanya