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Hey friends.. Infy had come to our college on 10th of July.. and selected as many as 100 ppl, from Comps, IT Electronics etc.. together..As u know once u clear the apti d interview is a cake-walk. 

There were two sections:
2. English

If u r keen to get into infy, do RS Aggarwal (both books) thoroughly, with puzzles from shakuntala devi also. Quantative consisted of questions such as
1. Direction problems - 5 questions on this like XYZ walks 50 kms north, then turns right n wals west etc... so where is he now...
2. Insert the missing figure in series - 5 questions on this Refer RS for this
3. Data Sufficiency type questions - 5 each
4. Data Interpretation - (We had bar-graph) - 5 each, This 1 was quite tough since v lacked time..
5. Puzzle Type questions.. - 5 each
6. last but not the least SYLLOGISMS!! - 5 each
This is really important.

English paper
1. There was a BIG passage n questions related to that were asked.
2. Same here also, another BIG passage n answer (like conclusions) from this.
3. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate options...
all basic english stuff...

Then, results declared in 2 hrs time followed by an interview.. This is really good..
1st is mostly TELL ME BOUT U'RSELF
then u'r interests, n all general stuff.. like u'r weakness, strengths.. etc.
Then I was given 2 puzzles to solve, n i could. but those who could not.. dnt worry, just keep on trying.
Three HR questions were asked. - what will u do in so n so situation .. n how will u work in a team.. et all... such questions..
then results out the same day in another 1 hr..

So, ALL D BEST.. to all those who want to get into infy..