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                             Hello friends .i am mayur,an M.Sc graduate(2006 fresher) .I had appeared for the test and would like to share my experience and give u a brief idea about the test.  By now everyone must be aware that the paper pattern has changed.  yes, its true. But don’t FRET. It’s not that difficult . it’ s  CAT Pattern. so one just needs 2 change ones mindset from puzzles 2 that of CAT. And then it woud be easy to crack it. one was supposed to circle the right answer and also was expected 2 show the working in the rough sheet provided. so please show the working wherever possible.

The aptitude test consisted of 2 sections:

1)analytical thinking/logical reasoning –30Q( 45min)

2)English - 40Q(30 min).


Analytical thinking/logical  reasoning:

Ques(1-5):(based on arrangements) There are 5 books of english,biology ,chemistry,physics,Sanskrit,economics.the order in which they are arranged with respect to the other and the page nos are given.and then 5 question followed each havin 4 options each.
Ques(6-10):(visual reasoning)4 out of the given 5 figures  are similar in certain way. find the one which is odd.
Ques(11-15):(data sufficiency)Each question is followed by two statement,1 and 2.answer each question using the following instructions:
Choose 1 if the queston can be answered by using one of the statement alone ,but cannot be answered using the other statement  alone.

Choose 2 if the question can be answerd by using either of the statement alone.

Choose 3 if the question can be answered by using both of the statements together ,but cannot be answered using either of the statement aone.

Choose 4 if the question cannot be answered even by using both the statements together.

Ques(16-20)(data interpretation)some statistics of population .the mortality rate, the birthrate etc.
Ques(21-25)(based on family tree).some relations given.and then followed by 5 questions each havin 4 options.
Quest(26-30)(verbal reasoning)Choose the set of three statement that make a logical sequence from the given four.

Eg:a)the universe is confusing.

       b)the stars and the sky are universal .

       c)life is a part of the universe.

       d)life is confusing.

 1]cad     2]cab  3]bcd  4]cba.



  1)There were 2 comprehension passages.

  2)fill in the blanks with the appropriate words.

    English section was pretty tough since all options were quite close and lot many questions were asked.



   I had 2 rounds of interview .first panel consisted of 3 was a hr interview,no technical questions asked. . tell me somethinh abt urself. hobbies. why u want 2 get into software? wht are your personal goals in life. abt the project. extra curricular activities.

    They just want to find out whether u are a team player ,a team leader.ur lernability,ur communication skills.i was not asked any puzzle.

I have tried to give u an idea of how the new pattern is. I want 2 reiterate what I said earlier ,just remember its not difficult just one needs 2 change ones mindset or else have a flexible one. don’t expect  only puzzles . just be ready 2 face whatever u get and then u would be able to crack it.