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Hi friends this is mani.Im here to share my experience of  infosys recruitment drive held at QIS engg college,ongole.around 1500 students attend the drive.

there are two rounds

1)written test


before attending to the drive i heard that the written test is very difficult to clear...but after writting the test i felt it quite normal one and anyone can clear it with sufficient preparation.

written test contains two sessions

1)general ability (30 questions 40 minutes)

2)verbal reasoning(40 questions 35 minutes)

general ability section is easy compared to verbal and it contains the following topics

1)5 questions on symbols.

2)5 questions on statements and conclusions

3)2 puzzles (2*5=10 questions)

4)5 questions on syllogyms

5)5 questions on data interpretation(pie diagrams)

refer time material for data interpretation questions and refer verbal and non.verbal r.s.agarwal for remaining.

u can easily do this section if u refer above two books.

coming to the verbal section,it contains 40 questions that should be done only in 35 we should do this section very quickly.

verbal section contains following questions

1)15 questions from correction of sentences

2)2 reading comprehesion (2*5=10 questions)

3)10 qtns frm fill in the blanks(prepositions)

4)5 questions from paragraph conclusions(small paragraph will be given we need to find the conclusion).

refer "objective english for competitive exams " book ofr corrrection of sentences.

remaining depends on ur english ability.

read the passages thoroughly so that u can easily answr 10 questions from them.

passage conclusion also very easy read them carefully.

the important thing is there will be an sectional cut of for both sections.

it is around 18 for general ability and 22 for verbal reasoning.

finally 202 students cleared the written test and the HR interview was sheduled on 24th and 25th march.

my HR interview is on 25th march.

before the interview coordianators checked our mark lists and after some time i was called for HR inteview. HR interviewer is an very old person and very he was very friendly.

after entering into the room he shook my hand and asked to take my seat. i thanked him and took my seat.

he started asking the questions in friendly manner

with a smile in his gave me alot of confidence and with the same confidence i answered the questions.

the questions are here:-

he:how is your feeling as you r completing final year?

me:i answered

he:so u done project right.?

me:ys sir!

he:then xplain me about ur project?

me:xplained everything what we done and also my role as an team leader.

he:any problems during the project?


he:ok u play games?

me:i was glad to take this question and answered quickly as yes sir! vollyball,kabaddi and table tennis.

he:he laughed and asked so did u participated in inter college competitions?

me:i answered

he: well manikanta,did u participated in any curicular activities?

me : i answered

he: ok mani kanta all the best! and shook his hand again

me :thank you sir.

this is how my interview went it was very lively and very cool one.

finally the results were announced around 3pm.

i was very much tensed about the result because i lost many companies like tcs,convergys,honeywell etc.,

by god's grace i was one of the selected 161 candidates.

my dream come friends never give up.u can crack anything more than u expect.

all the best.

meet u at mysore campus.



mani kanta