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hi friends this is dasasatyan,i belong to valliammai eng. college and i am proud to say that i hav been selected in infosys on 21 june 2007. every thing happen to me as a dream on that day

220 of our friends appeared for infosys
70 of them cleared apps
50 of my friends including me was selected

first i wish to thank god,my mom and my father who drove my way to infosys. abt 9 o'clock we had have our pre placement talk(ppt) and it went for an hour and the ppt was realy a mind blowing one.It uplifted all our confidents.

Then we had our writen exam by 11 o'clock.the patten for infosys is
verbal(40 questions)
logical reasioning(30 questions)

(1-5) qns its based on seating arrangement  go through Ranking test in verbal and non verbal or it may be a puzzele so be sure with all the puzzles in the r.s agarwal
(6-10) qns is based on matchin correct figure realy very hard go from the answer be sure of time
(11-15)qns on blood relation realy big paragraph draw th family tree so it will be useful to analize
(16-20)qns based on some venndgm they give and they ask u qns from that...thats easy u simply watch the details given in that and answer
(21-25) qns based on Data sufficiency
(26 -30)qns in data interpretation(basicaly they will ask bar chart or pie chart or cube sum any one of this)

all r easy only pls go through R.s agarwal book of verbal and non verbal. see these topics it will b very helpful for u  frnds. for me this is a key point no negative marks so attend as poosible  first test is easy only concentrate in verbal side there is separate cut off

TEST2: Verbal test 40 qns -dur:30 min
(1-5) and (6-10) qns r from a passage they give some big passaege they ask u qns from that  pls dont touch this first keep it at last  come from last time management is must
(11-15) there will b some fill in blanks type qns u must choose a correct sentence for the blank easy do it first
(16-20)  some grammar qns like prefix sufix remaining r easy frnds al r basic grammars and correct the spelling like tat only pls keep the time  time management is necessary acc to infosys they check how fast u r able to read english and answer
(20-30) some qns in correct the error in the sentence realy easy one read it twice atleat
(30-40) give the conlusion for the passage 4 choice will be given choose the best

concentrate more on verbal pls.infosys give more weight to verbel.if u hav any cat material will work out for verbel session. if u clear the written test i am sure 90% of the job is in u r hand. hr was realy easy and so pls concentrate more on the apps alone.

all the best for all who take infosys.