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Hi this is bala from Chaitanya Engg. College, visakhapatnam.  I got selected in Infosys, so I would like to tell my experience with u all. I attended an Off-Campus at Gokul College Of Engg, Bobbili on 20th june.

Selection process consisted of only two rounds. they were:-
1. Written exam
2. Hr round.

Written Exam:
It consisted of two sections. First was non-verbal section and Second was the verbal section. Believe me both were very easy. In verbal u must be perfect with ur grammer. In non-verbal paper some of questions were from:-
--data-interpretation: It was quiet hard. please friends do always data-interpretation at last, it takes a lot of time.
--date-sufficiency: It was very easy, believe me no need to refer any materials, have little concept , thats more than enough.
---sylloism : It was very-very easy, refer R.S.Agarwal for similar problems.
---missing figures : Its a little bit tough and confusing. Pls refer R.s.agarwal.
---logical questions : This was very easy. Two questions were given from this section. Both were easy.

One question was like there were 6 persons.  First place and Last place will have computer, so there were 6 persons a,b,c,d,e,f . Only a,f can occupy the first and the last place. So u have to arrange the order, in which they were sitting.
Sorry I don't remember the question. 6 questions were given on this topic.

Second question was about 5 persons. Some Languages were given , which they speak. So u have to identify who acts as interpreter b/w two persons and who speaks more languages and less languages. It was very easy, no need to think. Just form a table, it will be very easy. 

At 3.30 p.m our results were announced. I got selected in that. I was called at 5.00 p.m for my Hr Round.
My Hr round was quiet difficult, but I cleared It. They would like to see ur patience, which don't get overexcited there, first let them speak what they want to speak and then u answer the question.
------My first question was about my education.
---------Then he gave me 4 puzzles. I did only 2 questions and be sure that if u don't know the answer ,just keep trying it, they don't want the answer, they want to see if ur able to apply the logic.
1. With one strike make (1 + 2 - 3 = 139) L.H.S equal to R.H.S. Simply make a strike on + sign so that it becomes 4. 
2. About containers. Given a 12lt ,4lt and 5lt container, get 3lt from it. 
3. IF you have 10kg cotton and 10kg of iron, if u release it from top, which will reach first and why?
4. They is swimming pool of A area so u have to double the area, with out extending the boundaries.

 --------- Some situational based questions were asked like:-
1. If ur Principal , what all things u would like to concentrate.
2. If ur car breaks in the railway track, and u see a train approaching towards u, what u will do.
---------- He gave 6 topics and told me to select any one of the topic and told to speak about it for 2 minutes.         
-----------If ur hobby is reading books, then he will ask the recently book which u read, and ask u to speak about it for 2 mins.
------------He asked me in this year, what made to disappoint u a lot and why?
------------He asked me to tell where I applied leadership qualities  during my schooling and college.
------------He asked me at last to ask any queries. If such a question is asked please ask the questions, it is must. Ask about ur future related questions, don't ask unwanted questions, like what is ur name sir and where r u from. Dont ask any questions related to him.
---------Our results were announced at 6.30 p.m and I was very happy as I was selected.

Best Of Luck To U All.