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I am Susnata  from IT. In our college Infosys came on 8th January, 2011. After presenting an excellent ppt you will surely dream about Infosys.
At about 11 am aptitude test began. Two sections reasoning and English. Sectional cut-off  about 50%-60% in both the section. Resoning paper was very tough. English was bit easy but size of the paragraph was very large. You should first read the question then find the answers from paragraph. Otherwise you will run out of time.

In reasoning there was 30 questions. Time: 35 mins
English: Questions: 35 Time: 30

Out of 189 students 81 cleared the aptitude round.

As usual there was no technical in interview process. Only HR.
Me: Good Evening Sir.
HR: Good Evening

HR: Take your seat. What you have done else your studies?

Me: Told.
HR: Do you think you are a good leader?
Me: Yes.

HR: Give me an example.

Me: Told
HR: What you have organised on yourself?
Me: Told.
HR: Have you done anything on your own?
Me: Yes.
HR: What was that?
Me: Told.
HR: Give an example of your teamwork?
Me: Told.
HR: If you face any problem in your team, how do you will solve it?
Me: Told.
HR: Nice to meet you Susnata. Thank you.
Me: Thank you sir.
In HR round they will just check your problem solving skill, your fluency in english and the confidence. You should be confident.
I have got selected in all the that companies and I'm very happy now. Thank god and my family and my friends, they deserve my success.
Infosys Finally selected 78 students.