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Hello Friends,

This is Abhishek Pandey from B.P. Poddar institute of Management & Technology, sharing with you my interview experience. 

Infosys visited our campus on 15th Janunary, 2011.
Infosys selection procedure consists of a written (pen & paper) test & interview (HR).
There will be two papers Analytic ability (30 questions) and English (25 questions). No negative marking will be there so attempt all the questions & I think the cut-off was about 50% (they don’t disclose it).
For Analytical just prepare from R.S.Aggarwal verbal & non-verbal reasoning book. There were questions on: Data interpretation (easy),Puzzles (moderate),Data Sufficiency (easy),next figure pattern (slightly difficult). For puzzles practice from R.S.Aggarwal, that’s sufficient.
In English paper there were questions on:
Identifying the correct/incorrect sentences (there were many questions on this),phrasal verbs, comprehension (2 passages were given),finding most appropriate sentences. You need to have a good command over the language to do well here.
As always written test was the main hurdle, out of close to 330 students only 83 cleared the written test & out of those, 80 could finally make it after the interview. I was one of them.
Once you are through with your written test you are almost home unless you perform very poorly in the interview. They don’t ask any technical question so I was really confident.
After entering the room the interviewer shook hands with me (hold the hand firmly as they want to see if you are nervous),I wished him and he told me to sit down. Then he started going through my C.V(prepare you C.V properly ,be ready to face questions on whatever you write in it)
Sir: Tell me something about yourself.
Me: Told.
Sir: Apart from studying how do you spend your free time.
Me: Told.
Sir: Anything special you have done in your life (In my C.V I had written about my extra-curricular activities),you are good at sports, so tell me If you have to organize a sports event in your locality how will you do it (give a practical answer)?
Me: Told.
Sir: Have you organized any event in your life?
Me: Told.
Sir: Did you face any problem while completing your project? How did you handle it?
Me: Told. (He seemed to be really satisfied with my answers)
Sir: Ok, thank you(shook my hands again)
Me: Thank you sir, It was my pleasure meeting you.
Just be confident, humble, calm and composed, maintain eye contact.
Best of luck to all of you!