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Hello everyone. Infosys visited University College of Engineering, RTU, Kota on 3rd April 2008. This time once again they had the same selection procedure, with written exam being the main filter. With just over 200 candidates appearing for the exam only 59 made through it and then 54 were able to convert it into final selections.


Exam was in two parts:
1.General Aptitude,


General Aptitude:
1. 2 not so easy Logical Reasoning questions (which contained 10 questions).
2. 5 very easy series completion.
3. 5 syllogisms
4. No Blood relation questions!!


1. 2 RCs
2. 7-8 choosing the correct sentence
3. Filling the right word
4. Theme Detection


All in all, a candidate must have a good command over the language and just going through the Articles, Prepositions etc. on the last day won’t work.


After written exam, only HR of about 15-20 min on an average were taken which include very general HR questions, specially related to the CV and the candidate’s personal life only. Those 5 who were not selected were also interviewed more than once, this might be because they were trying to give them another chance.


Anyways, 54 were selected in the end.


To summarise, Infosys selection needed just good aptitude and better language command, so make sure that you acquire both well before Infosys.


All the Best.