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Hey Guys...Preparing for InfoSys ? The dream company ! Just felt like sharing my experience that could help you out !! Infosys visited Ramswaroop on 25th and around 1200 students from 6 colleges appeared out of which around 150 students were selected and obviously,i too made the mark !! 

The Procedure was divided into two parts:
1. Written Exam
2. HR Interview

1. Written Exam
. Reasoning Ability - before the question paper ,we were given application forms...fill them very'll later find them in the hands of your interviewer !!
so be very careful !!

next we got the paper first paper we got reasoning...40 minutes,30 questions... questions similar to the ones in R.S. Agarwal Verbal-non-Verbal just prepare from it !!
Questions 1-5
Puzzle (attempt in the end)
Questions 6-10
Odd one out Figures
Questions 11-15
Data Sufficiency
Questions 16-20
Data Interpretation
(Tough at the end)
Questions 21-25
Puzzle again !!
(easy !!)
Questions 26-30

b. Verbal Ability
40 question,35 minutes...a lil tough due to time problem !! you need good concentration to work continuously for 35 minutes... personal advice... if you want to make a cut above the rest in infosys paper,this section is where you should perform !! as in reasoning part,almost all score around 20 correct answers, but english is what makes the difference !! if you can score got it !! (You Wont believe it...i almost got all of them right...saw later during interview !!) so go for it...
10 Questions...
Reading Comprehension
10 Question...
Sentence Correction
10 Questions...
10 Questions...
5 Conclusions+ 5 other questions 

2. Interview
very easy... just questions from CV and About my interests...
3 puzzles from Shakuntala devi !!

So all the best....see ya in infosys..!!