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Hello people, Infy came for the closed campus in our college on 11th March. 2 other colleges were also invited for the same.

Well, the first step was the Presentation which lasted for about an hour. Here, they tell you about Infy, show some videoes, your package, where you will be placed and all. Better to clarify your all doubts here only as they can trap you in the interview using the same weapon.

Then we all were taken to the Test-rooms and given out Test papers.
Format was same,
30 Ques for non-verbal in 40 min.
40 Ques for english in 35 min.

The Non-verbal was a good paper, I was able to solve the first 20 ques in about first 20 minutes. The rest were a bit difficult but you can say that you get through if you work hard enough.
Then comes English : I don't why people hype this paper so much, the paper is quite easy. The only thing is the passages. They are very long and require one hell lot of a time. I got about 30 ques in 20 minutes so I was left with ample time for the passages.

However, If you got 30 ques, then consider yourself to be clear for the interview. The cutoff is around 23-24 for this section and about 15 for the non-verbal section.

Okay here are the stats upto this point:

Total students: Around 350.
Selected for Interview: 86 from 130 (Our college) and 76 from the other ones.

Then the interviews started.
Just remember one thing : If you got the test, you get the job.

Interviews are just a formality.
Okay here is mine:
Me: Good evening etc etc.
Int: Welcome, please close the door and have a seat.
Me: Thank you sir.
Int: Tell me about urself.
Me: Blah Blah Blah.......
Int: Okay, you are made the project manager for a single day job. U needhow many people ?
Me: About 6-7
Int: Okay, I give you 4. How will you manage ? (Gives paper) Tell the whole schedule.
Me: Blah Blah Blah.......
Int: 2 Puzzles, very simple. Was able to solve both of them.
Thats what happened in my interview. The HR was very very cool person. A lot of talk about my girlfriend and all. Also about my car and changing tyres etc.
You get the idea what its all about.

After the interview was over,we waited for about 2 hours, then the Results came.

The stats:
Appeared for interview: 86 from ours and 76 from other.
Selected: 83 from our college and 56 from the other. Whoa ?!!!
We shouted and screamed like little kids and went out to the parking and danced ..... at 1 AM in the morning !
Then they came and told us that from now on you will be called as Infoscions and learn to spell the name correctly....

And that my friends, is the story of Infy.

Best of luck to all and Just be confident.

P.S. I didn't prepare anything for the test. Not even a single page. Aptitude is how's your mind built and English is what you read n newspapers everyday. Be calm and get the job. Remember this only.

Ishwinder Singh Cheema,