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Hello People!! first of all ....all the  very best for ur Infy Exam.... Infy is my dream company ...n its the fourth company i have cracked after Satyam, TCS, and Accenture...feels like heaven!!!!!!!! anyways people who still dnt have a job...don't worry infy won't leave u disappointed..'coz it took a lot of people from my college
about 200 people appeared for the test
about 132 got shortlisted for the interview...
and 115 got selected.....
huge number isn't it????

Written Exam
Carry ur marksheets they need ur xact marks of coll, X n XII n they verify those so be careful ur CV also has the consistent data

Analytical Section
30 ques 40 min

Here u got to be 100% involved in the paper...don't assume the analytical part to be too simple 'cz so many ppl qualified...max. of my freinds were preparin for MBA n that's the reason of so many selections......

so regarding analytical

1.10 questions puzzle type- prepare analytical problem from Puzzle test R.S Aggarwal....but they are actually too simple n infy asks a bit higher than those...similar to those of Barrons 12th edition
2. 5 ques- syllogism...remember all rules from again R.S Aggarwal Verbal Non-Verbal
3. 5 ques-Conclusion,   In Conclusion Questions dnt assume anything on ur own...just imagine u know nothing about the topic and  all u know is what is written in the question and then read the options
4. 5 ques figure -odd one out -Well, I attepted figure questions the firt 'coz they were too easy n no need practising the 500 questions in RS.
5. 5 ques DI- pie chart type...practice 4m RS Quanti

so that was analytical....u may go without ne preps also but with a fresh mind and then solve questions with all ur effort...but manage time well

Verbal Section
40 ques 35 min

Now this depends 4m person 2 person...since i always loved English...this was very easy 4 me... 

Now certain tips here
1. While chosing sentence correction questions read all the options simultaneously.. i mean read first 4 words of all options n then proceed with the options u feel may be right....prepositions, tenses is a must practice for ppl who confuse in these. There were 8 ques
2. Reading comprehensions do at last n read the questions first n u wud b able to directly pick answers 4m passage
3. Fill in the balnks....answer elimination process wrks best

i don't remember more...but eliminating wrong answers and then guessin between the probable correct answers helps!!! 

one thing remember more...
with plural sub. verb will not end with s
as- The girls dance
not The girls dances... and with sin. sub a pl verb will come
as- The girl dances n max of ques contains such errors... others are of prepostions like to,at etc.

Interview Experience
No technical
key factors they see
1. Values inculcated in u.. so be well dressed and disciplined
2. Learnability
3. Flexibility
4. Confidence
5. Communication Skills 

My Interview was taken by a Sikh person whi was quite aged n was damn Strict Well not boring u wid the entire conversation wot he asked me was
1. Countries and currencies(The imp ones)
2. Sates of India n Capitals..esp new ones
3. Pesident of India nad presidential candidates of USA

where i was trapped was wen i answered the president of India as -Pratibha Patil n yes u thought its absolutely correct no guys its a wrong statement I shud hav answered Mrs./Shrimati Pratibha Patil 

so he replied "She is at the highest post of the country...shudn't u giv sum respect 2 her"n i thought i am blown...infy is known 4 values n i thought i am busted so i aplogised but he asked me 2 leave 

N the entire time till results i was damn was my dream company but finally i was selected...... n one more thing Infy will give a second chance 2 those about whom they are doubtful....

so all the best hope u dnt need that second chance  prepare well n come join infy soon
n say- i am proud to be an INFOSCION...

any queries ...well wnt giv u  my mail id...

but contact ur seniors