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Location : TIS, Delhi.
Date : 26th Feb'06 Time : 9.00 am


It's 12.00 Noon. I've just had my infy written test. result is awaited, will be declared at around
let's hope for the was hard to pass these four hours by just waiting for the result, so by the time my result is declared,
let me share a few questions with you...which may help u in future.

Pattern : 1 hour for 10 Puzzles and 30 mins for 45 questions in eng.

Puzzles : As far as i remember...

1. Two marble sellers A and B plan to play a marble game. Initially they have the same no. of marbles
in the stock, before starting the game. Now the game starts.
A wins 20 marbles in the first run and loses (2/3)rd of the stock in the play-off. What was the no. of marbles
with each of them, before they started the game ?

Ans : 300 Marbles (Not sure)

2. There is a wall clock which rings after every precise one hour. When it was 8 o'clock, it rang for 7 seconds.
Calculate the total no. of seconds the clock rings for, in the whole day.

Ans : 132 seconds (Not sure)

3. Four people with last names as Conner, Morghan, Smith and Wills have their first names as Tom, Jack, Al
and Bell, NOT RESPECTIVELY. They play a game in which the winner collects some money from all others.
They played the game four times. In the first game, the winner will collect Rs. 10 from all others, in second game,
the winner will collect Rs. 20 from all others, in the third, the winner will collect Rs. 30 from all others and in the
fourth game, the winner will collect Rs. 40 from all others.
Jack takes the first game, morghan the second, smith the third and Al the fourth. Tom had the maximum cash
in the beginning, and Wills had the maximum at the end.
Match their first names and surnames. Give their full names.

4. A bag with 100 kgs potatoes have 99% water. It is kept in the open under the sunlight. After sometime, l
ittle amount of water got evaporated and reduced to 98%. What is the weight now ?

5. 5 boys - A, B, C, D and E go to catch some fishes.
A&B catch 12
B&C catch 20
C&D catch...
D&E catch...

A and E catch equal no. of fishes.

Now they plan to pool and divide the fishes.
D pool with A&C and fishes were divided in the ration of 1/3 similarly E pools with B&C...and so on.
The fishes were perfectly divided within the guys evenly.(actually i don't remember)

Calculate the no. of fishes caught by A, C and E.

6. A girl buys a grandfather clock two weeks back. This clock loses 24 mins in every one hour time.
You set the time at 12 midnight and the clock now displays 3.00 am and it was stopped one hour back from
now. So what is the actual time now ?

Ans. 6.00 am (not sure)

7. (Repeated) A 10 digit no. has its first digit equal to the no. of 1's , second digit equal to no. of 2's ....
till 9th digit equal to no. of 9's and 10th digit equal to no. of 0's. What is the number ??

Ans. 2100010006 (not sure)

Rest of the questions i don't remember. actually i didn't attempt.

Then there was the english test. neither too easy nor too tough.

So my advice will be just go through the previous questions and shakuntala devi's puzzles.
It's not too hard to crack the infy test.

All the best guys...
Glad to be a part of this group...

(Paper Submitted By : Ashish)