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Hello everyone..

I appeared in infosys walk-in on 28th may,06.. my center was TIS(east of kailash) in new delhi.
it was written(elimination) round here which comprised of 10 puzzles in one hour and 45 ques. of english in 30 minutes..around 1000 persons appeared and around 300 shortlisted. the interview was on the very next day(i.e. today) and results will be out in 15 days.

firstly,i am showing the written round questions here:

1] a large cube with red color painted on all 6 faces, is cut into 27 smaller cubes of equal size.
    questions followed it:
        a)how many cubes with 3-red colored faces..? answer->8
        b)how many cubes with 2-red colored faces..? answer->12
        c)how many cubes with 1-red colored faces..? answer->6
        d)how many cubes with none colored faces..? answer->1

    comments: the question is pretty easy,anyone can do it.

2]another question was of time,speed distance.. they asked to find average speed, given forward speed 10 miles/hr and reverse journey speed as 15 miles/hr..
    comments: simple formula application;average speed=(total distance/total time)i.e. let dfistance be 'D'. then it becomes (2D/(D/10)+(D/15)).

3]this ques. was of kind that some persons are standing in a circular queue with a person saying that the sum of 1/5th of persons in front of him and 5/6th of persons behind him is the total number of persons in the queue.

    comments: again an easier one; let total be x. then x/5+5x/6=x+1. answer is 30.

4]this question is of 8 marks, typical logical reasoning type question(CAT type).
one person knows portugese,french.another one knows italian. some language is common between some of them. total 5 persons and 5 languages..dont remember exactly..

        comments: this type of question can be done by doing a practise of questions from some analytical/logical reasoning book or from some study material(CAT prep i.e. CL,IMS,PT,TIME etc). a must do question to gain maximum marks.

5] series questions:

    a) 1,_,27,256,3125 answer is 4 since this is a series of kind 1^1,2^2,3^3,4^4,5^5.

    b) 3,10,7,6,_,11,10,13,20 i tried it but not sure, the differnce in numbers are like             7,3,1,_,1,3,7..try to see the trend here.

6] a question of race..david ahead of jim,lucia is not last,jack is ahead of lucia etc..not exact ques.,a previous year paper repetition.

    comments: very easy.

7] another 5 marks question for temperature conversion, if first is 33 then second is 134 and when first is 72 the second is 29.At what temperature they will be equal?

    comments: not exact ques. this kind only. repetition may be. i tried only. not sure...

8] clock waala question: One clock loses 1min/hr and another gains 2min/ many minutes have been passed when they are one hour apart.

    comments: i tried it . easy question. a repetition from previous year papers.

9] now the easiest question: various relations given between runs scored by azhar,dravid,sachin,etc.

    comments: simple linear equations. 10th class question.

10] finally, a question of type. a woman spends money on bakery shop,grocery shop etc.
    she spends half of total and 2 more on first one,then half of left plus 5 more on next..and then half of what left on next and finally left money on the last one.

        comments: easy question. again repetition. answer is 64.

Then an english aptitude paper: 45 ques in 30 minutes

Test of candidate's general english..all multiple choice questions.
filling verbs,appropriate words,one reading comprehension(6 ques and very easy),finding the error in sentences..etc

Written Round Advice: "shakuntla devi puzzles" book is a must for logic developing. go for previous year papers and if still having time try "george summers".

what i did: shakuntla devi(i have already done this book before applying for walk-in, so not much of issue doing it again),previous year papers(from january till today,papers available on chetanas and freshersworld),a few pages form george summers..nothing else..keep ur calm and be confident.

INTERVIEW: Two lady HRs looking cool n calm.

i was asked to submit updated resume.One of them was constantly observing me while i was answering the questions while other only asked questions.

1] they asked me about my extra currics( the actual role i played in the technical event of my college,since i was in core committee.. the role played by me in my cultural festival(i was in executive committee)).

        comments: prepare urself for whatever u mentioned in extra currics in resume.

2]asked about my hobbies/interests: i answered reading and music but most of the times reading only. Then asked me to suggest some good books. since i am a voracious reader and have also read some good number of books.. told them the discovery of india, the fountainhead and lateral thinking. quite pleased they were.
        comments: prepare ur hobbies/interests well and get ready for any question from it.

3] then asked about sports..i answered easily about formula-1 since yesterday only there was a grand prix in monaco which i watched.
They asked me about some event coming in few days .. i answered world cup football.. then they asked the place and  i replied germany.

        comments: prepare this (sports)question properly.   

4] asked what else u read i.e. newspapers ,magazines and how oftnly, i replied i read it daily and they asked about today's headlines. i answered easily(thanks to times of india).
then they asked about any recent natural calamity..i said indonesia earthquake. asked about any other previous one. i replied tsunami,katrina..etc

        comments: prepare this question properly.

5]a question like.. why do you want to join infosys? i told them about its training,culture,52000 employee strength and its known to everyone, my various friends working in it, it gives growth opportunities better than others..actually infy started the IT revolution in india...etc

        comments: prepare it by visiting the website of infosys.

6] finally a puzzle(it was asked to me just after the extra-currics question.)

    ABCD multiplied by X gives DCBA.. what are the values of A,B,C,D,X?

i tried it and guided them the way am doing it but couldnt solve it in the 3 minutes time given to me. i think question is not that tough. observe it properly and give ur best.

    comments: give more stress on problem solving ability and showing them the same.

finally, they asked me if i want to ask something, to that i asked about the training,projects etc. they replied if am having any special preferences for any subjects , i told them am good at data structures and algorithm analysis(being a computer engineer). they said after training is over u will be deployed acc. to ur interests.

and all over...

Final comments:
Try to smile a bit during the interview and keep ur calm..dont worry the interview will be really cool and they will make u comfortable.

my sincere thanks to this site and the moderators.
wishing u all the best.