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(a brief,to the point and comphrehensive guide to crack INFOSYS  campus recruitment process)


Hello friends , this is Akshay from Nagpur. By gods grace and focused and systematic approach I , along with many of my batchmates got placed in INFOSYS , India’s best known GLOBAL  brand  .Let me tell you friends IT FEELS GREAT !! I am cherishing happiest moments of my life , yet .       


Details of my campus recruitment process are-


Date – 20 th july 2006

Venue-KarmaveerDadasahebKannamwarCollegeOf Engg. , Nagpur

Type- off-campus

Eligibility- 58 % in B.E.

                   65 % IN 10th   and 12th                                    

Colleges participated – all colleges of Nagpur(around 12-15)

Total candidates- minimum 750 (don’t know exact)

Cleared for HR interview- 120

Date of declaration of final results- 11th August 2006

Final selections-117


Three general rules for appearing campus interviews of major software companies-


  1. Dont appear without preparation .

 You would unnecessary loose out a chance and would be not eligible to attend recruitment process for period of at least 6 months (period varies according to company … in case of INFOSYS its 9 months) … so be very cautious.


  1. Be thorough with basic aptitude.

Best way to do this is solving entire QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE by R.S. AGRAWAL at least 2-3 times     


  1. Good communication skills are a must .

 No matter how hard you prepare you should be able to confidently and comfortably present yourself.


Following material would be sufficient as per my experience –


  1. At least 100 previous questions paper. Very Very Very Very Very Very important. If u study only this material, surely, 80% of work is done as most of times puzzles are repeatedly asked. I think it is almost impossible to crack infy without studying those papers (unless u have got Einstein’s brian).I would recommend u the great site ,  where u would get all sort of infy resources there.
  2. George Summers “Puzzles and Teasers”  . Very Very important ,must  buy . 8 marks puzzles comes from this book.
  3. Shakuntala devi’s two puzzles books . generally 3-4 marks puzzles come from this book . (well friends …..frankly I don’t think these 2  books are absolutely  mandatory for infy preparation , firstly because as most of the  times puzzles are repeatedly asked , after solving 100 question papers u would get all important 3-4 marks puzzles on your finger-tips , secondly  if u have sound logical understanding  u can solve most of the puzzles , though u r  seeing them for  the first time) so its your choice to buy them or not, but most of them will advise to be on safer side.
  4.  R.S. AGRAWAL ‘s  quantitative aptitude. Very Very important ,must  buy .  some of 3-4 marks puzzles comes from this book. I would  recommend u to buy earlier edition (the one smaller in size).. it is  short and concise hence saves your time giving u all important and necessary exposure.



Five days intensive preparation schedule (at least 10 hours per day)-


Day 1 and Day 2 - Go through previous years question papers….they will  single handedly expose u to around 90% of most likely asked questions. Generally u would be able to solve most of problems/puzzles except 8marks puzzles and some typical 3-4 marks problems/puzzles. jot down all such unsolvable problems/puzzles in a list.


Most important tip – prepare high frequency problems/puzzles list.

Make list of all those problems/puzzles  which finds there appearance more than once. My list contained some 100+  puzzles/problems. Most of them are easily understood , some need preparation from Summers / Shakuntala devi. One or two are really unsolvable.

Friends this list is THE MOST IMPORTANT document … prepare it very attentively and carefully. If u are fortunate enough 8-9 out of 10 problems will be from this list. I was so lucky that I had 9 problems from this high frequency list.


Day 3 - u have got list of difficult, unsolvable problems. Of this list , for solving 8 marks problems u need considerable exposure to George summers book. Spend your full day solving most of the puzzles. DON’T GET WORRIED IF U ARE UNABLE TO SOLVE THE PUZZLES…. THEY ARE REALLY TOUGH. Just take basic funda into account like matrix formation n filling, cases formation etc.

At the end of the day u should be able to solve some problems from unsolvable list.


Day 4 -  solve as many problems/puzzles from Shakuntala devi’s two puzzles books. Not all the questions are puzzles… leave figure problems. Among rest of puzzles most of them  are logical hence straightforward easy…though u would get some very tricky and challenging to solve….u wont find any special stress while solving those books… they are fun to solve.


Day 5 – Solving AGRAWAL’s  quantitative aptitude at least 2-3 times  is a pre-requisite. In early hours of the 5th day brush up with basic aptitude , which will constitute some 15-16 chapters of the book.


Once u have done with it… comes the most important part … re-assembling whatever u have learnt in this 4 and half days. Best way to do this is to go back to the 100 question papers and solving them with a rapid speed. As u have done with most puzzles it wont take more time to do it.


Now focus on high frequency list …. I am repeating ….. a average infy paper will contain at least 5-6  puzzle from this list. The no. may go up if u are lucky enough!


Infy has constant pattern which consists of following-


  1. aptitude- 50 marks.
  2. English -45 marks
  3. HR interview.


One important thing…many guys will describe English section as cakewalk…but it isn’t that easy….


HR interview is no too tough, but guys please go prepared with most like HR questions.

 One most important thing, answer your questions confidently.


That’s it buddies… one thing u would clearly figure out that I have given 99% attention on written exam. Reason is quite obvious… once u clear written u have  95% chances of breaking in INFOSYS.


Best of luck to every job aspirant. See u at INFOSYS…


 If u find the article useful in any sense … do post your comments….