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Hey friends, its Dilip Rathore here. I have appeared for infosys offcampus program, and here are its details.


Date- 10th September 2006


Venue- Gargi college , Delhi.



1)      solve the equation-(3 marks)


x^(1/3) – x^(1/9)=60.


Ans- x= 4^9


Guys I solved it by hit and trial method. But you need to show some steps there.


2)      Some racers were racing in a circular track. One fifth of the racers ahead of me and three fifth of the racers behind me constitutes the total number of racers. Find how many racers are there.

Ans- Here the cache is CIRCULAR TRACK. My ans was 31. check it.


3)      There are 100 persons in a town. 85 are married, 80 have telephone connections in their house, 75 have got their own cars and 70 have their own houses.Calculate the minimum number of married couples who have got the telephone connection, the cars and their own houses.

Ans I wrote 70 without thinking. But not sure. Ask it from your teachers nd all.



4)      A man is driving a car and sees a milestone indicating a two digit number. After one hour he sees a milestone having a two digit number on it which has its digits just the opposite of the previous one. Again after one hour he sees a milestone having a three digit number. The first and last digits are the same as the digit of first milestone but with a zero in between. What is the speed of the car?

      Ans- 45.

           Let original num be ab= 10a +b. after one hour, ba= 10b + a

So distance traveled is 10b+a –(10 a +b) = 9b – 9a.

Now time taken is one hour. So speed is (9b-9a)/1 = 9b-9a.


Again after one hour, let the reading of milestone be a0b= 100a +b.

So speed = (100a+b) – (10b + a) ( …. Since time is one hour again)

               = 99a – 9b.

now compare both speed and they should be equal. Thus we get the equation b = 6a. for a equal to 1 we get b equal to 6. and for a greater than 1 , b  will be more than 10 which is not possible. Hence solution is ab = 16.

Ba = 61 and a0b = 106.

 So from any of the two equations of the speed … it is equal to 45.


5)      the same old language question. If a speaks eng, b speaks Spanish…. No common language between c nd  blah blah blah…. You can find it in previous papers. Easy (8 marks)


6)      the same old problem of uncle and aunt. Uncle went for shopping, and bought a hat and a suit. Aunt bought a hat and a dress for herself. Then the relation was given between their expenditure … and we have to calculate total expenditure… very easy. (8 marks)


ans- 29 in my case…. Nd cost of hat nd all can be easily calculated.


7)      A coloured square is given. It was cut into 27 equal pieces by six cuts. Find the total number of small squares with a) three coloured faces b) two coloured faces c) one coloured face d) no coloured face.( 8 marks)

Ans – 8, 12, 6, 1.


8)      Different names were given and we have to arrange them in the order from older to younger… dammn easy. Ans was Edward was youngest. See previous papers. (5 marks)

9)      Form a six digit number which has the second digit as the double of the first digit. Fourth digit is equal to the sum of first and second. Third digit is double of fouth … blah blah blah… it was very easy too…. Nd given in previous papers.

10)  in a knock out competition, there were 100 boxers. How many matches have to be played in order to select one winner ??

ans – 99.