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hai!!guys.It was breathtaking moment ,the result declared and i attached to a eminent IT brand"INFOSYS".
Our campus was on 1st march G.I.T.A,BHUBANESWAR.At 9:00 a.m,We had a pre-placement talk by the H.R .manager,then follows the tst.

The test was mainly divide into Two parts:
(i)  The analytical reasoning part---40 minutes and 30 questions
plz follow the R,S.AGARWAL REASONIG book the following topics
a>number ranking and sequencing --- 5 questions
b>Series  -- figure based questions,what comes the nxt .it is there in the agarwal book part-2. do practice/have a glance
c>Data sufficiency,mathematics part may refer to the M.TYRA
d>Data intepretations
e>Puzzle which was simple followed by 5 sub-questions.
f>syllolism --5 questions
No questions from cubes and dices ,but be prepared for it ,may be asked.

(ii)the second part was english, damn easy  --30 minutes 40 questions
it includes
a>2  comprehension passage  followed by 5 question each
b>Error corrections
c>fill in the blanks
d>place the sentances in the proper order
P.I was very cimple ,u have to be confident and should posses good communication skill.
(i)Mainly they ask abt my family  ---3 to 4 questions
(ii)What is difference btw an "effective "person nd an"efficient "person?
(iii)if i wll give u an efficient person nd an effective person ,whom u will prefer:
(iv)Why should i hire u?
(v)then a simple puzzle,if a bucket fills in 20 minute,and n every one minute it doubles ,then in how many mnutes it will become 1/8?
I waited the reasult desparetly ,it came out at 9:30 p.m ,i was glad to get my first job at first attempt.

Ravindra Kumar