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i am veena g menon doing my 6th semester btech in federal institute of science and technology, cochin.i appeared for the infosys recruitment test on 9th march n im so happy to say that i'm placed!!!


...the test was conducted in my college n over 7 colleges took part in it from all over kerala!!!!so it was a very tough competition but we were expecting them 2 take atleast 50 of us being the host college!


ok the procedure is simple...u have

1.Logical ability test (30 qsns...40 minutes)

2.English test         (40 qsns...35 minutes)


11:05 am we began our test...

our logical section was really tricky n what really helped me clear this is all the helpful people who posted their experience in FRESHERSWORLD n id like to thank each n every1 of them for if uve read the previous posts,u'd have known all the tips by now...anyway lemme make them clearer n mind u...they work 4 sure!!!


1.logical ability...just leave data interpretation n the puzzle till the end coz it takes all ur time doing calculations!

2.english...begin from last n u ll find enough time 2 do the passage...

3.actually passages are long but easy ones. after doing all your questions except the passage, just read the questions quickly. ….have those in mind n read the passage! this really saves time!!!!


...we were done with the test at about 12 10,they said they would announce the results at 2 but it was out only at 430pm!!!! and 103 were short listed out of over 640students !!!!! to our dismay only 19 students got selected from my college n i was one of them !!we all were made to sit in a hall n rushed to the interview room when our names were called !as it was my college , the volunteers were mostly my friends n my juniors, i got ample support from them n they tried  to cheer me up and ease all my tension.  (thank u guys if u r reading this!!!!!!)


then after waiting outside for a long time, the person who got in before me finished his interview at 7pm or so.i asked him how it all went and he said he was asked about cricket (as world cup was just around the corner!).so my friend taught me all about cricket in that little time we had when our interviewer was evaluating my predecessor’s performance.he told me we had a great chance of winning the cup,coz we have 3 batsmen who score more than 10000,gr8 bowlers….must improve fielding…all that n I went in with great expectations and I was asked about dbms, rdbms, difference between dbms n rdbms, operating systems, difference between windows and linux…etc!actually he began by asking wat my subjects were in s5,n im supremely embarrassed to tell u all that I couldn’t remember a single subject I learnt in s5 except maths n operating system(I really donno what happened to  me that time!).so he said ‘ill tell u wat ur subjects were… dbms,lp,fsa etc etc and began with dbms!


I wasn’t expecting a tech interview but somehow I managed to handle it. the interviewer was trying hard to get me all stressed up by asking in detail the things I wasn’t sure of but I  covered it up with a smile .then he asked me what my interests were…I said music, art ,sports-n he said ‘oh so u seem 2 be knowing everything about everything', I tried to be humble by saying that im not a master of anything, just have an interest in everything…then he asked me about other hobbies-I said I play guitar n he snapped ‘do u want to be a musician or a software engineer?’ I said ‘ definitely software engineer ‘…then there were questions about my college,what I liked most about my college-I tried saying regular stuff like great infrastructure n dedicated faculty-he said its there in every college.wats so special about ur college which is not there in other colleges?then after a pause I said it’s scenic beauty !it was about 7:30 pm n he looked outside the window finding nothing but darkness !n he said ‘scenic beauty???’ and smiled!hmmmm…then he asked if I was into any social work,I said  my college had organized a rally for the blind  on world white cane day n I took part in it! ( I expected the next question to be ‘when is world white cane day?’ n as I didn’t remember the date,I was thinking of a fake date to answer that qsn!) but luckily he asked me what I learnt from that rally,I said …the people I met made notebooks for school children n they helped bring light to someone else’s life.  So I learnt that physical disability can never be a hindrance to contributing something to the society…etc etc!I think he was satisfied with the answer…n there ended my tech cum hr interview.

Moral of the story : though infy tells  only hr interview be prepared with some tech stuff 2!n please remember the name of ur subjects! hi hi!


…n we had our results within an hour and a half .right now it sounds very simple but the myriad feelings u go through when u donno wats gonna happen next is inexplicable n every minute seems like a decade.(no need 2 worry if u don’t mess up the interview like I did!) our results were out n 81 were selected out of 6 hundred something!(hey I lost count after reminiscing that dreadful interview!)  finally they finished reading all the other colleges’ selected candidates’ names n my college results were being read. almost every1s name was read in my college except mine n I was praying that I hear my name 2!n fiiiiinally they read veena g menon! that moment is the most unforgettable moment in my life (well …latest most unforgettable moment)….when all my16 years of study seemed meaningful!!!


…so friends this was my experience! Hope u r still reading it!so c u at infosys!!!!!!!!