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This is my personal experience of the Infy pool campus drive in dit,on the 7th,8th march 07. out of a total of 1200 students 289 were selected.
writing this article only because reading one of these candidate experiences helped me get through Infy.

For the type of questions and the time management you can go through the other articles on the site.this article is mainly to highlight the WINNING FORMULA.

For  the aptitude part solving  the  solved examples of the RS Aggarwal(verbal and non verbal) will be enough.Caution:do the question with ur own sincere efforts.

English paper is a bit tough.It will take lots of reading to crack the english paper.So no need of any preparation there.
Try and do your very best in the written papers.The interview can be really easy for you if you manage to crack the written.

There  is a surprise element before every interview. The candidates coming out of the interview might tell you of questions that you can not answer.Here comes your real test. DO NOT PANIC.
at the interview you are not expected to be bundles of's how you react to adverse situations that is more important. I'll repeat my point again-- REMAIN COOL and then i can hope to see you at Infosys.

Hope this article helps you. Do not feel shy in putting down a few words here on this site. After all your few words can change someone's life.
God bless.

Ankur Oberoi