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Hello everyone. Infosys visited our college on 19 may 2008.the selection procedure was as usual: written, then HR.out of 350, only 119 cleared the written and finally 89 became infoscions. i was one of the unlucky ones failing at the HR
Exam was in two parts:
1.General Aptitude [R.S.Agarwal - selected topics as per the syllabus]
2.English [basic school n college grammar, theme detection - R.S.Agarwal]

5 - (A,B,C have Rs 120, 160, 80. one with more money shares with other 2. game continues until share is 5 questions based on it) 
5- ( in each question: one statement. two hints. options: whether u can solve with one, either, both, none hints ) 
5- data interpretation (one graph, 5 questions based on the numerical values)
5- series (in each question: 4 figures given guess the fifth one ) 
5- puzzle test(5 houses n 5 cars arrange them using given hints 5 questions based on it ) 
5-syllogisms(in each question: 5statements given. from the options should guess logically related sequence of 2 statements) 

5- RC (1full page description don't read directly first read 5? then read it ) 
5- RC ( this is easier one, has to be. 1full page description don't read directly first read 5? then read it)
8 - grammar (each questions: blanks- prepositions, tenses, articles etc)
8- sentence structure( each question: select best structure from 4 options) 
9- underlined (each question: select the correct grammered option for the underlined part ) 
5- theme detection (in each question: passage given find best theme from 4 options )

the HR was from 15-20 min. on technical , non technical, topic discussion , puzzles. i might not be the right person to write about HR.

go(o)d luck,