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Hi frenz......

I am very glad to tell u that I've been selected at infosys. Firstly I will tell u the criteria of the company, it's 65% in 10th,12th and in B.E. but there is a relaxation of 5% in any one. So, guys if u r eligible then prepare for the written test and a personal interview or HR.

1) Written test
It consists of two parts : 1)   Prepare well with R.S. aggarwal -verbal & non verbal reasoning. The chaps are:
Data sufficiency(based on quantitative apti),5 q
syllogism, 5 q
puzzle test 5q
pie chart 5q
series, analogy(section 3 RS) 5q, odd man out
further I don't remember...........

They r easy but only see the pattern from RS it's better if u refer CAT books because level of RS is not as high as in the paper was. There were 30 q to be completed in 40 min.

2) Here ur verbal ability is tested U must have command on english.

Two Reading comprehension comes one is easy and one is tough. error correction , fill ups, critical reasoning. U need to have good practice on CR and slight on vocab.

We waited for about 4 hours and the result was announced. In our batch 80 were selected out of 1000. There was no -ve marking so u can make guesses epecially in pie chart b/c it is very much time consuming. Attempt it at last.

if u clear this round then u have to face interview which will be very easy but well prepared with current affairs and explain everything with eg.(especially hobbies) that will be of just 15-20 min. They don't ask technical. Our results were announced at 9:20 pm. So u must be very patient. Around 70 were finally selected. 

Best of luck & All the best to all of u see u at infy as an infosyan..

Samriti Sinha